Quite TroublesomeShe Made Things A Bit Difficult

When her owner first brought Molly home, he could immediately tell that her behavior was a tad bit different. So how would she act? Well, it seemed she was constantly overexcited and was a perpetual ball of energy. Her owner looked to this as a trait that all puppies had, that it was only because of her young and naive state. So what happened as Molly grew up?

For Four Years

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So even though Molly was all over the place when she was first taken home, her owner assumed she would get better in due time. He could tolerate her antics because after all, she was his dog and he loved her dearly. But after he had a girlfriend, there were a few changes that came along with her. If the girlfriend had spent about four years with Molly and her man, what made her decide that the dog had to go only then?

She Hated Molly
She Hated The Pup

So this problem was not actually a recent one. Ever since the first time they met, there was already some trouble brewing in between Molly and the girlfriend. Molly’s owner however really really loved her, so he still showered her with love and affection. He could already tell that his partner was not someone who liked animals but her feelings towards Molly was a little deeper than just annoyance.

Getting Annoyed

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Molly’s owner was always giving Molly attention and catered to her every whim. So the girlfriend slowly began to feel something against the dog. She started getting more annoyed when she saw his love for Molly. The dog was getting more attention from her boyfriend so the girlfriend could not stand it. She felt second best to Molly. So she devised a plan to make sure she did not have to worry about the dog anymore.

New Tactics
Trying New Tactics

So after realizing that his girlfriend had a problem with Molly, her boyfriend felt he needed to fix things. Her owner could bear the fact that his new girlfriend had an issue with his other love Molly the beagle. So he thought of a plan to somehow show how Molly really was, to convince her that the dog was not that bad. How could someone not be charmed by such an adorable pup right?

Several Attempts

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He had to think of a way to keep his girlfriend happy and to make sure she did not get upset over the dog again. He needed to ensure that his lady did not feel like she was neglected because of Molly. He began to engage in activities with his woman that Molly would not be able to join them. This did not work. Since he wanted her to be happy, he now had to make a very big decision…