Humans have literally taken over the planet Earth. We’ve reached all the boundaries, overpowered the other species. We don’t have wings but we fly, we don’t have gills but we dive underwater. We know about species that lived before we came into existence we also know species those are on the verge of extinction.

Well, before you start taking pride in your superiority, we have this list, especially for you to know, how common man is restricted to different places for surprising reasons.

Google Data Centers

Google Data Centers are situated in different corners of the world, and the company works from 15 different sites. The only way we can see this secret high-security place is through the pictures that the company has shared. Google stores our personal information and company’s proprietary information locked behind doors that no one can reach. They’ve high security that we are assuming cannot be broken, as no one did till date.

Niihau, The Rent-Free Island

The island of Niihau is situated in Hawaii and is a famous place because it is said that the residents live here rent-free. Don’t get excited as no one is allowed to move to Niihau. In 1864, the island was purchased by the Robinson family from the Kingdom of Hawaii. No outsiders are allowed on the island since then, the native Hawaiians live there without any cars, roads, running water, stores or telephones, they receive deliveries by boat from the neighboring islands.

Ashgabat, The Capital City

Ashgabat is the capital of Turkmenistan and not even the native people are allowed in the capital. As the city is said to be a showcase for the entire world. The place is open to tourist but one has to be very clear about the obligations. You aren’t even allowed to sleep on the bus.

Coca-Cola Vault

Regardless of the fact, whether Coca-Cola is liked by the majority of consumers or not, the secrecy maintained about the drink’s ingredients since the late 1800s is quite impressive. The written copy is safe in a Vault in Atlanta U.S. While anyone can see the first vault, there’s a second vault too that stores the original papers. So far, the tradition is maintained that only two employees have the access to those papers. In case, one dies, the second employee selects another successor from the company employees.

Snake Island


Snake Island, near the Brazilian coast, Atlantic Ocean. For obvious reason, the island got its name, with 430,000 snakes,  on the 430,000 square meters of land, the place holds an average of 1 snake per square meter. Many of them are endangered species of snakes. Unless you are in Brazilian Navy, you’ll never get a chance to visit Snake Island, although, we are quite sure that you wouldn’t wish to go their either.

Area 51

Area 51, U.S., became popular among Americans and later the whole world became curious about what goes on within these premises is a secret. If we tell you about the conspiracy theories that connects Area 51 with UFOs and Aliens. As per the CIA, the official name of Area 51 is Homey Airport and Groom Lake. The intelligence was bound to admit the existence of Area 51 in 2005 under a Freedom of Information Act request.

KFC Secret Recipe Vault

Kentucky Fried Chicken secures its secret recipe as 50% of the spice mix is produced in the Griffith laboratories. Then the mixture is delivered to McCormick company, where the recipe is completed and sent to KFC.  The vault contains the secret recipe, signed by Harlan Sanders himself with the sample of herbs and spices, which are mixed.