The Incident

That afternoon, the farmer was parking his car beneath an olive tree. He was trying to position it in a way that it is parked under the shade of an olive tree in his garden. He was trying to park his car when he felt that the ground underneath was not stable. As he drove his car forward, he heard a terrible sound. Nothing could have prepared him for what happened next.

Black Hole

The farmer pushed the breaks of his car. He stepped out and took a look at the ground behind him. The earth had fallen and left a massive hole in the ground. He could not believe his eyes. A minute here or there could have led to a serious accident. He was wondering if something like this is normal because he has never witnessed anything like this before.

Inspecting The Hole

His mind started coming up with dozens of questions. Was there anything at the bottom of it? He stepped forward and decided to inspect the hole. He bent down on his knees and peeked inside. A frown made its way to the farmer’s forehead. The hole didn’t seem to have a base, it was just a massive dark hollow shell that seemed endless. None of this made any sense to him.

Locating The Bottom

The farmer reached his car and pulled out a flashlight in hopes that it will provide him a good view of what is inside. He took the flashlight and beamed it inside the hole, he could finally see the bottom but not too sharply. His eyes caught something but he couldn’t tell what it is. He couldn’t investigate this by himself, it did not feel safe.

Calling For Help

As his curiosity grew about his find, he decided to call archaeological experts and know their opinion about the thing. If they seemed interested he will ask them to come down and investigate what was at the bottom of this hole. He thought there might be a possibility where they don’t take him seriously. But he had to try at least.

Not Convinced

Much to his disappointment, nobody took him seriously. He couldn’t prove that there was something underneath the hole. How could he prove that a nearly 4 feet wide hole appeared on his ground by itself? He clicked a few pictures and decided to mail it out to a few people in hopes they respond with some theories.