The day was not any special, he was just walking his dogs one March morning when he stumbled upon something really surprising. Haikey Creek is a very peaceful and beautiful place. You can easily breathe peacefully in this wonderful place. With the same thought on his mind, he was walking with dogs. But who could have imagined that he would meet something really weird in the middle of the creek? Dogs have a very special talent of smelling out things. Unaware of why they kept barking and behaving in a very strange manner, he decided to follow them. The sight wasn’t very beautiful at that very moment and things weren’t looking great too. But he had to do something before things get worse. What happened that day? You’ll find out soon.

An Early Riser

Jim Passmore has always been an early riser. A resident of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma went out for a walk with his dogs. What happened next changed his life forever. Clueless and frightened he couldn’t think of anything. He could hear some voice seemed like coming from everywhere. But the dogs showed him the way. He could see them barking in a particular direction. He had to investigate…

Out For a Walk

Jim and the dogs were walking down Haikey Creek when he spotted something odd in the creek. The dogs sensed it first and they started barking from the distance. Furious they wanted Jim to unleash them but he didn’t want anything to happen to his dogs. Holding the leash as tightly as he could the dogs were still able to move. The dogs were literally dragging him and he could see how furious they were. What was it that made them this furious and angry?

Just A Walk Like Any Other Day

That day Jim thought he was going on a regular walk with his dogs. On a daily basis, he spent more than half an hour walking along the creek with his dogs. Jacket on his shoulders, leash in his hands, he grabbed his dogs and moved out. He showed his dogs their usual place and the dogs were excited to start the morning in their favorite place Haikey Creek.

They Arrived At The Creek

Haikey Creek wasn’t that far from Jim’s place it was just 10 minutes- drive. He let the dogs out from the car and leashed them. It was a quiet place and he was feeling really good about everything. He expected a silent walk through in the Oklahoma wilderness. Unlike other trails, this was not that heavily trodden. But soon his comfortable and peaceful walk would turn out to be his worst nightmare.


Jim’s dogs started barking at something and they were angry. He didn’t want to move but the dogs were dragging him with all the power they had. Jim couldn’t just stand there as he needs to see what has made his dogs mad. Jim commanded his dogs to be quiet and obediently they stopped barking. He didn’t rush and moved really slowly. He was walking as slow as possible because he knew the moment his dogs might see it and they would run. So he kept his distance. 

Slow Process

As he moved closer he saw a lake where he could see something was struggling in the waters. Splashing the waters all around that thing seemed to be struggling for his life. Because of all the splashing and the distance at which he was standing from the lake, he couldn’t tell for sure what it was. He was surprised to see that his dogs weren’t barking at all. What was it in the lake?