Since childhood, we are made to believe that parents know what is best for us. Most of the times they are right but sometimes neither do we understand the reason for some of their decisions nor do they turn out to be right. In those cases, children suffer because of the incomprehensible and unreasonable decisions of their parents. This is what happened in this case where a father without any reasonable cause refused his daughter to marry the love of her life. But he did not know that 50 years later those kids would have discovered something that would change their world.

Love At First Sight The story is of Janice Rude who was a sophomore at the Occidental College in Los Angeles and Prentiss Willson who was a freshman and it dates back 50 years. It was love at first sight for both, just like in the movies. Wilson thought that they were meant to be. He said, “I even remember the first time I laid eyes on Janice.”

Small Town Girl Janice Rude belonged to a middle-class family and had humble beginnings. She was raised in Reno, Nevada and remembers her father as a strict and tough, street-smart guy. He was not a fan of intellectual pursuits as it was beyond his comprehension but he supported Rude’s desire to study and get an education. She took up Biology as her major in the Occidental college, but she did not know that she had not even seen the love of her life there yet.

Young Willson

Willson-copy On the other hand, Willson belonged to a well to do intellectual family of East Coast Transplants. Prentiss was Janice’s junior and arrived there in 1962.  He was a straight-As student and held the position of leadership in the Kappa Sigma fraternity. A great catch for any girl. But he fell for Janice.

All Happened By An Occident

lifeatoxy_ourcampus_webtour_jsc The Occidental College was founded in 1887 by some people in the Eagle Rock neighborhood, who wanted a place to learn in South California. It is a private liberal arts college in Los Angeles. It was supposed to be an all men’s school but luckily for Rude And Willson that never happened or they would not have found each other.

Morning Meets

Oxy_Campus-Marketplace This is how they first met. Janice worked the morning shift in serving breakfast at the school cafeteria as she came from modest means. A lot of athletes went for a run and jogging in the morning who stopped by at the cafeteria. One day, at 6 am, Willson was the first in line. After that day, he was the first in line every day.

Love Story Begins Willson said,”I just wanted to see her and have our little morning exchange.” For Janice too, it was a fairytale moment when Willson first came through those doors. She started feeling butterflies in her stomach and her heart was in her throat the moment she laid eyes on Willson. Little did she know that her father would be the villain in this love story.