Crystal Taylor, a working woman decided to go on a vacation. She likes to travel and has visited many places. This time she was going to Cabo. Everything was all planned. And finally came the day when she took her flight to Cabo. However, the much-awaited vacation turned into a nightmare when she received a call from her neighbor. While she was away in Cabo enjoying her vacation, her house had become a hub of strange activities. The neighbors had started to hear strange noises from her house. When Crystal came back to investigate, she could not believe her eyes.

Avid Traveler

Crystal was finally going on the trip she was waiting for so long. She had booked her ticket and was waiting for the day to arrive. The woman had a beautiful house but her passion for traveling would not let her stay over there for long. Once again she was headed to explore the unexplored. She was going to the Cabo. 


Cabo San Lucas famously known as just Cabo is a resort city located at the southern point of the Baja California Peninsula in Baja California Sur, a Mexican state. The city holds a spot in top 5 Mexico’s tourist destinations. Cabo’s beaches, marine life, and scuba diving location attract a great number of tourists every month.

The Destination

Finally, the day came. She bid adieu to her neighbors and made way to her destination. She would not have imagined in her wildest dream that she was about to get caught in a big problem. Before leaving for the vacation, she had done some renovations inside the house. The whole of the house was repainted. Not only that, she had even done some remodeling in her house. 

The House

The woman used to live alone in her big house at Oklahoma, U.S. Due to work, she did not get much time to spend with her neighbors either. However, she did have good terms with her neighbors. So, while leaving the house, she asked her neighbors to keep an eye on her house and that is how she left her house. 


As previously mentioned, she had a lavish house at Broken Arrow. She had moved into the house a few years ago only. Even though the woman was all alone, she went on to buy the house as it came at an affordable rate. The house had a big backyard and a pool. 

Different Vibes

Her house was way different from all the houses around it. It was not only comparatively large but it also gave inexplicable vibes. The house stood out from the rest in terms of beauty, space and weirdness. The house soon was going to change her life upside down.