Light Bleeding Or Spotting

Though it is not a common phenomenon, this symptom has actually been found in some women. One can have light bleeding or spotting during the ovulation period. Due to its rarity women usually are not aware of this thing hence often mistake it as a disease. 

Breast Tenderness

One can feel soreness in the breast during this phase. Though it does not happen with every woman, it is seen as one of the most noticed symptoms. A woman can feel pain by touching their breasts.    

Increased Sexual Drive

Ovulation primarily is the phase when eggs are ready to be fertilized. And for that, all they require is sperm. That is why at this particular time a woman’s desire for sex increases dramatically. One can easily find out if a woman is ovulating or not by simply looking at her. We have enlisted the signs to spot an ovulating woman.


Mittelschmerz is a medical term used for pain in the pelvis. The pain occurs at one side of the lower abdomen. Many women undergo this pain during ovulation. It may interest you to know that there are about 10 million cases of Mittelschmerz per year.

Abdominal Bloating

Abdomen bloating is one of the most common symptoms spotted during ovulation. Women usually feel swelling in their lower abdomen area. However, the intensity of bloating sensation differs from woman to woman. A woman should take it as a positive sign as it highlights the higher chances of one conceiving.

Senses Get Stronger

During ovulation, a woman’s sense of smell, vision or taste increases by a great degree. They tend to get more conscious about these things. You may have noticed many women getting the most indiscernible thing spotted easily. Mind you, it does not always mean she is good at it, it can also mean that perhaps she is ovulating.