Evan, a Youtuber residing in California got his jaw dropped when he saw a strange hole inside a lake neighboring his workplace. Strangely he had been to that lake numerous time but he had never seen that hole before. Clearly, the hole had come out in a matter of a night. But how was that possible? How can a hole emerge inside a lake? He decided to find out the reason. And what he finally discovered stunned him completely.

Loving It

Evan Kilkus, also known as Evan K in the YouTube world is in literally in love with drones. However, for a living, he used to work at jet ski and boat rental at Lake Berryessa. Despite his busy schedule, he would take out time to indulge in adventures with his drone. Similarly, one day he was flying his drone over Lake Berryessa when he noticed something very strange.

A Hole

He saw a hole formed inside the Lake Berryessa. The hole was massive and it seemed as if it was swallowing the water of the lake. Evan had never seen something like this before in his entire life. The hole was in the middle of the lake. The first question that clicked on his mind was: how did this hole come through? He planned on investigating it. What he found, in the end, blew his mind completely.

Lake Berryessa

Lake Berryessa is the largest man-made lake in Napa County, California. This scenic lake that is designed by hydroelectric Monticello Dam, is flanked with Vaca Mountains. Naturally, the reservoir is quite popular and throng with fishermen, water skiers, swimmer, a and kayakers.

Mysterious Hole

But that is not the only thing the lake is famous for. The lake made headlines worldwide when a mysterious hole was found inside the very lake. The biggest thing was that nobody knew where it came from. It just appeared out of nowhere. And now Evan was going to find out what exactly was that.

Once In A Lifetime

Evan had discovered something very odd. No doubt, the unusual sight fanned the curiosity of Kilkus. That is why he decided to take a closer look at this thing. Evan knew it was going to be different but he had no idea till then that this was going to be the once in a lifetime kind of adventure. He knew what he has to do to find out.    

Not The Only Case

This is not the first time a strange hole has appeared and upheaved the world. There is a long list of mysterious holes that took the world by surprise – Dean’s Blue hole which is 660 feet deep, Giant Blue Hole in Belize which is 407 feet deep, and Devil’s Sinkhole that is 350-foot deep- to name a few.