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Every other person who smokes tends to believe that smoking light cigarettes will lower down their risk of lung cancer. Especially the menthol cigarettes are more addictive and harmful. The cooling aspect of this cigarette tempts people to inhale deeply.

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Well, over the years of researches, scientists have successfully stated that people who are scared of using talcum powder for the risk of lung cancer as it smell is inhaled should not worry at all. People who work with other chemicals, including asbestos and vinyl chloride, are more likely to get the disease.

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Marijuana smoking increases the risk of lung cancer. And not to forget the point that most of the people who smoke pot are regularly into smoking as well. Some researchers have claimed that people who are smoking pot and cigarettes are more prone to lung cancer.

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Eating antioxidant supplements doesn’t mean one is safe from lung cancer. The shocking discovery was made by the researchers that the antioxidants actually increases the risk of lung cancer among people who smoke beta-carotene. But one should always confirm with their doctor as antioxidants from fruits and vegetables are not harmful at all.

Not Our Fault

For the crowd that doesn’t smoke yet breathes in the extremely polluted air, it has become a big issue. The U.K. is leading in ‘lung cancer caused by air pollution cases’, with 1 in 10 lung cancer cases caused by exposure to outdoor air pollution.

Elders, An Easy Target?

Most of the lung cancer patients unknowingly suffer from the disease for years before it is diagnosed. According to records, in 2011, “82% of lung cancer patients were 60 years of age or older. Most patients that are diagnosed with lung cancer are diagnosed with Stage III or Stage IV disease.”