People often say that life is an adventure and we should live like one. Everybody around us and people all around the globe are living their own adventures and there are few stories that make their story worth sharing. Here is one of the stories that made the news and believe us when we say it, this story is on another level. It’s adventurous and inspiring at the same time. This guy here wouldn’t have imagined that his life’s journey would take this turn which will change his life forever. Just like tales where a guy wanders around in a forest and finds something amazing for which he was destined for, the same happened with this guy. Though he was not wandering in the forest, he was there in the mountains only to find this unbelievable thing for which he was destined. Let’s explore his adventure and be ready to get amazed.

Living For Adventure

Zachary Anderegg has always been an adventurous guy. He likes to live in the moment and little he knew, one moment was there waiting for him to change his life forever. He is a passionate hiker and mountain climber and if not found in his home then there is a possibility you could find him hiking in Arizona or the southern Utah slot canyons. It was one of these days when Zachary discovered something that changed his life forever.

Exploring The Canyon

Slot canyons of northern Arizona are one of the favorite places of Zachary and he often visits the place to clear his head and if he has to make some important decisions in his life. But this date, June 20, 2010, which he will never forget in his lifetime, changed the course of his life. As usual, he was alone hiking and exploring the slot canyons when he stumbled on something. He couldn’t believe this unusual sight in front of him. His next step changed everything.

Beautiful Morning

It’s not every day that you can just decide to go on hiking. It takes lots of thought to be sure if its a day you can go out and spend some quality time. You need to see if the sky is clear and there is no heavy wind flowing which could make the hiking difficult. But in Zachary’s case, everything was in perfect order. The sun was shining bright and the wind was smooth and soothing. It was the perfect day to discover something this perfect.

All Set!

See, before you decide to go on an adventure like hiking and climbing the mountain and that too all by yourself. You must take care of certain things. Though Zachary was an experienced hiker he still takes care of several things before he leaves. He makes sure that all his gears like, ultralight backpack, the stock of food and water, quality ropes that are usually used for hiking and most importantly lightweight sneakers (hiking shoes) are in order. But that day, Zachary didn’t check his gears before leaving and he didn’t even tell his wife. But why did he do that?

Not Properly Prepared

As we told you, Zachary is an experienced hiker and often go for trekking and mountain climbing. But, on June 20, 2010, he didn’t take all the precautions he used to. It was very sudden for him to decide the day. One moment he saw the clear sky and another moment he was wearing his shoes. He just felt like leaving the house and in the rush, he didn’t even check his backpack. But as they say everything that happens, happens for a reason.

All The Good Vibes

He reached the slot canyons of northern Arizona and he could feel that something was different. Every step he took bought him closer to his destiny. He decided to hike on a different route that day which wasn’t his style when it comes to hiking. The regular hikers always choose to hike on the same route but Zachary felt that he needs to explore the other side which he has always thought of and it was the destiny reading the script. Soon he will discover something that he hasn’t thought of.