Self Motivation

Zachary prepared himself mentally because today he was going to explore the other side of the canyon. The silence made him listen to his own heartbeats which were beating rapidly. He sat down for a while to calm himself before he leaves for the adventure of his lifetime. He thought of everything that could go wrong but even that didn’t change his mind. The other side of the canyon felt like some other world and he was the explorer who needs to discover this other side. But the path wasn’t easy and he found out very soon.

Deeper Into The Canyon

Zachary stood up and was ready to leave. He picked his backpack and tied his shoes. He took a deep breath and walked towards the other side of the canyon. The sun was over his head and the sweat on his body was soothing his body from all the light wind that was flowing on that height. He took his first step inside the slot canyon and he could see how deep these rocky paths go. He felt like the canyon was sinking him inside and the gap between the walls shrank with every foot he took. For one moment it was so dark that he couldn’t see his own feet and was really afraid to move and all of a sudden he lost his control because of all the sweat from his hands.

Let There Be Light

Zachary kept going inside before he could realize how deep he has already come. He could feel the hotness around him and the sweat made his grip loose and that was it, he lost control of his grip and when he thought about falling deep in the canyon, his feet touched the ground and the sky was clear now from all the clouds that covered the sun before. Now, the sunlight found the way through the darkness and Zachary was able to see that he was surrounded with rocks. But when he thought this was the deepest he could go, he saw a little opening. And he could see that there was something deep down there. What was it?

Deeper Into The Darkness

To Zachary who is an experienced hiker, knew the depth of this opening he found below his feet. It was almost 100 feet deep and Zachary saw something that made him curious. He was hanging between where he couldn’t decide if he should go down or should go back as it was already getting late. But what is that? He couldn’t make anything because of the height but he was now really intrigued. Soon he will see something unexpected. But reaching 100 feet down won’t be easy.

Struggle Was Real

Zachary was searching for extra rope in his backpack when he realized that he hasn’t bought one. He couldn’t pull the one he has used before because he also needs to go up. Without the rope, he can’t go down in the opening as he has to rappel down. The rope wasn’t the only problem he was facing there was but it was the light that kept decreasing with time. He thought of leaving but then he has to do it all over and he didn’t know if the condition would be as smooth like today. What if the next day that thing wasn’t there? He needs to find out what that thing is? Believe us it will blow your mind.

How To Reach?

Zachary was keeping an eye on that thing which could be seen from that height. Soon it will be dark and he wasn’t sure of coming back anytime soon because it wasn’t easy for him to reach where he was standing right now. He had to do something and really fast. He thought of every possibility in his mind so that he can easily reach 100 feet below. What he did next was shocking.