Even if you are not a history person, you know about this. A war that lasted for 6 years affected not only over 100 million population directly but also turned this world’s rules and regulations upside down. We all heard at least dozens of stories and read in our history books about the Second World War and what brought it to an end. We all know it and even though it has always been a part of history that intrigues us for obvious reasons, after some point we prefer to not talk or think about it. Hitler, their leader has become an everlasting name in the history for all the wrong reasons. From his provoking speeches to his unpredictable yet tough orders, everything about this man scared millions.

What we are about to tell you today is one of Hitler’s darkest Secrets, recently unearthed by the Archaeologists that were too hard to explain in words…

The Nazis Concern

The Nazis were the reason behind all this and when the war was finally on the verge of the end, the Nazi empire was too busy to clear all the mess they created over the years. Sadly, the damage was so huge that it could hardly hide for too long. After years of searches, a recent discovery answered so many questions and ended a big-time confusion.

The Fault Of Being A Jew

While the world was at war the fate of the jews as well as other minorities seemed in danger. What was going on the lands occupied by the Nazis was too difficult to explain. The people were living in fear. Not even ladies, elderly and kids were left out. But when the war was about to end and the Nazis knew their time was over, they did all that was left in their hands to cover up the chaos by an unforgettable decision.

Getting Rid Of The Evidence

Just to hide what they have been up to, the Nazis tried to burn all the evidence to the ground. Needless to say that the witnesses were also on the list. Throughout the Third Reich Hitler’s orders were followed, the extermination facilities were burned, and thousands of lives were ended within these facilities. 

A Strange Discovery

Even today we don’t know if we are sure about the total number of locations where Nazis built up their camps which were the place for ghastly mistreatment of the population that were not allowed to live in the society as per the Nazi’s rules. There were places that people prefer to die before going there. One such place was Sobibor, Poland, a death camp was recently excavated. The archaeologists were stunned as they never expected this sort of findings. The discovery was beyond expectations.

Poland Pushed To The End

Poland was one of the most affected zones. The scars were so deep that it left permanent marks on the country. After all the country remained under Nazis rule from the beginning till the end of the Second World War. It became land to one of the worst Nazi Concentration Camps and Extermination Camps. Auschwitz and Treblinka were the lands surrounded by the terror. So, when the Nazi’s time came to an end their priority was to hide all that went on in Poland. Were they able to hide it forever? Not for too long.

Across Europe

Jews, communists, homosexuals, Catholics and more were sent every day from across Europe to these camps. Hardly anyone ever made out of these camps. Everyone heard of the heartbreaking stories of what used to happen to these people. It became one of the major atrocities during World War II and what people didn’t know that a majority of the Nazi camps stayed secret. The extermination can be ranked highest in the list of crime. Nobody to say anything and all those people who were brought to the camps, their lives were of no value to the Nazis.