This is a story that involves a man named Alexander Archbold who made a decision to do what felt right after purchasing a $10 collector’s item from a homeless person. Alexander found out that this homeless man had sold him somethings quite valuable for only $10. He did not realize this right away but what he did was something that is truly worth noting… You would not believe it!

Curiosity Inc

So who exactly is this guy named Alexander? Well, his full name is Alexander Archbold. He has an occupation which is running his family’s business. He was someone who always loved pawn shops so this guy was the perfect family member to take over the business. And so he took over their business which is named Curiosity Inc.

No Gold Or Silver

And even though their family business is sort of like a pawn shop, there is a huge difference between an ordinary pawn shop and this shop. So what might that be? Well, their business does not buy silver or gold. We all know that a pawn shop always takes in goods of every kind, from the smallest to the biggest. However, Alexander’s shop refuses to take in gold or silver.

Rare Objects

So how could this pawn shop of theirs ever earn much if they do not take in gold or silver? We all know how precious and profitable they are. Well, this family had a way they could work around what people would identify as a hindrance for their business. They do not buy or sell gold or silver, but Curiosity Inc makes sure they buy excellent antique items.

Business Handling

And so, even though these precious metals are not to be seen at their store, the Archbold family still manages to get their earnings from the antique items they buy or sell. There are so many instances wherein the family gets lucky. Many folks bring in something rare that can easily be sold for double their price on eBay. This has been helping them a lot.

Interesting And Cool

Since this family refuses to take in gold or silver from sellers, Alexander knew very well that his family would have to have a sharp eye for all things cool and interesting. And ever since he took over the business, he had always made sure to select and get the best items he could find. And since the opening of Curiosity Inc. Alexander has indeed collected some cool items…

A Homeless Man

Alexander had always selected the items that came into his shop. By now, he was an expert in hand selecting what would work for their store. He knew what could be sold to get a lot of profit from people who came into their shop. However, he never expected that a homeless man of all people would bring in something amazing. A homeless guy named Adam came with a shock…