Homelessness is a prevailing issue in our society these days. When we look around the streets, we can see numerous homeless people who do not even have the bare necessities we as humans need. We find it very easy to judge a homeless person we see on the streets. But what we often forget to put into perspective is the reason behind them ending up this way. When this homeless man found a wallet full of money, what he did was something that amazed anyone who had ever heard of about it…

Amazing Story

So we all know that the only thing homeless people can do is to eventually beg. They have no stable source of income, so the option they are left with is to ask people in the streets for money. They use this money to buy food and water that gets them through the day. We all have a presumption about how homeless people are, but this story will definitely open your eyes a little bit more.

A Touching Story

We all see those homeless people as very pesky and needy people who we deem lazy and inferior to us. They do not have a home or a job, that they are a bane to the society. But there are some homeless people who have become this way because of uncontrollable reasons. This is one story that might be able to bring a tear to your eye because of how touching it is.


In The Crowded City

If you look around when you go out in public, at least one or two homeless people are bound to sit somewhere in the corner. Since they do not have a shelter to live in, these homeless folks tend to camp out in the most convenient corners that are there on the streets. This story involves a homeless guy who was surfing through the streets in a crowded city.

A Little Different

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He looked like any other homeless person. He was untidy and was carrying a few bags. The beggar did not have anything except a bag full of clothes and nothing to eat. He was making his way through a very crowded street minding his own business. There was something different about his man as he had no plans of begging for money…

Begging For Money

We often associate homelessness with begging. And to some extent, this notion is quite true as most homeless people tend to beg for either food or money. But we have to remember that sometimes, some homeless people are not there to beg for anything. The main guy in this story isn’t a beggar and had no intentions of begging for anything.

For A Spot

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The only thing that this homeless man was looking for was something other than money or food. He was just searching for a quiet place to sleep. He just needed some rest as it had been a tiring day and all he wanted to do was to sleep. But his attention was taken by something he spotted on the ground. What could this be and where did it come from?