Most couples get married and eventually want to expand their family by having children. It is the way of life to start a family once you have settled with your partner. But what about couples that are not able to bear children? This lovely couple that had trouble conceiving gets the shock of their lives from an unexpected person who steps in to offer help…

The Joy Of Life

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We all know that children are the best gifts we could ever receive from G0d. This couple we are about to read about want nothing more than to have their own kids. What would you do if you could not have the one thing you wanted the most? Would you go to all lengths to make sure you get it or would you give up and move on? This story about the struggles and the surprising plot twist that came about to this lovely couple is indeed a very beautiful thing to witness. If you are trying to have kids or if you have kids of your own, then it is lost likely that you would relate to this remarkable story of hope and loyalty.

Rare Disease

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

Nicole and Kevin got married, wanting to have kids, However, fate was not so kind. Nicole suffers from a disease known as “thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura” or TTP. TTP  causes extensive microscopic blood clots that form in the small blood vessels in the body where the victim ends up with low platelet counts. We all know that, in order for a woman to conceive a baby, she must be physically and emotionally fit. If there is any problem regarding her health, then there is bound to be some aide-effects that results in the child. The couple knew this very well.

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So, because of the disease, there was a very high risk of Nicole and her baby to die, if ever she got pregnant. It was a very confusing equation for the couple to try and solve. Since it was impossible to deflect the problem, the loving couple had to look for other options. They did not want to back down and tried very hard. They knew for sure that until and unless they tried all their options, they were going to be left with a puzzle in the heads and will never stop wondering what could be or what have been. It was tough for them both because they see their friends and other relatives expanding their families while they could not even have one baby for themselves.

The Effects Of TTT

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Imagine the kind of heartbreak Nicole must feel being the reason why she and her husband cannot have kids. It would definitely take a toll on both her physical and mental self to know that she is the main cause for them to not have children. However, what was she to do when her disease is something she cannot just wish away. If it was under her control, then she would have definitely made all the changed she could possibly make But, unfortunately it was not for her to decided and she obviously had to take care of herself as well.

Paying a Surrogate?

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

So as they searched far and wide for options, Nicole and Kevin realized that making use of a surrogate was out of the question. We all know that many people who cannot bear a child, make use of a willing surrogate that would carry their child for them. We see several celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Tyra Banks, etc, make use of surrogates to have children. The couple reside in Long Island where paying for a surrogate is illegal as it is situated in New York. So it was clear that this option was not one that the couple could even think of taking.

Can We Adopt?

Nicole and Kevin Barattini Story

The couple’s next option was to look into adoption agencies to try and adopt a baby. This is a common method used by couples or even single parents to have children when they cannot bear one themselves. If done right, it is both beneficial for the parent and the child as most of these children are orphans. But again Nicole and Kevin realized that adoption was no joke and that it was an expensive process that would cost over $90,000. They did not have that kind of money and the risk of it not working was too much stress to even think about.