What would you do if you spot a strange looking animal in the middle of nowhere? In 2010, an Inuit man spotted a weird looking creature. He didn’t move or do anything when he came across the animal, as he had no idea what it was. What happens to you when we see something of which we have no idea about? Obviously, you would fear it, right? The man who had no knowledge of the creature kept his distance, but he kept staring at it to fully capture the image of the creature in his mind. From where did it come? And for how long have these species been alive on the planet and why no one ever saw them before? Too many questions to answer but at that very moment, there was none. Wait until you see what that animal was that stayed hidden from the world.

Indeed Special

Even the scientists were stunned to hear about a strange species that has been roaming the wild in silence without showing themselves to the world. But how did they manage to do so? Scientists wanted to know more about the animal. It would be an amazing discovery for them. But their main focus was to study the animal and see if there was any danger to its existence.

Species Under Threat

We all have been experiencing the effects of climate change. And more than us it’s the animals who are struggling because of climate change. And scientists didn’t want to lose the opportunity to study the creature before it completely vanished from the face of the earth. But the problem was, the scientists didn’t have a location or spot where they could say that this amazing species can be spotted. So, how to find the creature again? It was all just sheer luck but it changed everything.

The Start Of The Journey

Ulukhaktok Northern Territories Canada

The team of scientists started their journey from the Northern Territories, Canada the same place where the creature was first spotted. Along the coasts in the Arctic Circle, the team was hoping to find the animal. But as they say, all the good things take time, the same was in this particular situation. The temperature here was below 0 degrees with long summer days and long winter nights. There’s snow everywhere you turn head to and people in Canada are just as nice as the weather. But the team wasn’t there to enjoy the weather but in search of the most amazing creature.

The First Man

David Kuptana, an Inuit man who lives on Victoria Island, the eighth largest island in the world was the first man who spotted the creature with his own eyes. He was so confused when he saw it that he had to tell it to someone. Who better than the scientists who work in these sort of fields. At first, no one believed it to be true, but then, the scientists could see that David wasn’t lying.

Eighth Largest Island

Victoria Island which is the eighth largest island in the world has a population of just 2,000 people. Despite the size as Idaho where over a million people reside, Victoria Island is not that crowded. This could be one of the reasons why nobody ever saw the creature before. With the population of just 2,000 people on an island that can fit a million people, it’s almost impossible to spot the creature. Fortunately, David did spot it.

Small Community

Ulukhaktok inuit people Canada

David Kuptana belonged to a small community of Ulukhaktok. He told that he was born in an igloo. The community just have a few hundred people living together in unity and harmony supporting each other. Ulukhaktok is really far. To reach the place you must be ready to travel the long, long, long distance north of Montana and covering the course of the Northwest Passage. The passage is a northern sea route between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.