One cannot undermine the impact petting an animal has on us. For many of us, we don’t even know what all these tiny creatures of G0d can do. Living with a pet has many positive effects but those of us who don’t love these beings only look at the other side of the coin.

However, after coming across this tale of Iraq-War Veteran, Josh Marino who had given up in life, one will start to rethink about the relationship that animals or pets have with the human species. One really doesn’t know how a sudden encounter with someone can change one’s life in an instant.

Some Sounds

Josh was distracted by the sounds he heard coming from the nearby bushes. His firm thoughts and disturbed mental health all stood still when those voices interrupted. He carefully heard the following noises. It looked like that of some animal maybe, he steps forward to see who it was, and what he found had him worrying.

Something Wrong

 He saw eyes peeping from behind the bushes. Initially, he was lost in the gleaming eyes, probably it was this creature that was making those noises. As he stepped forward to see what it was, he was taken aback. The creature had drawn all his attention towards him. What was the matter?

Josh Marino

Josh Marino was a resident of Pittsburgh. He left his education midway just to pursue his passion for serving the country. He always wanted to do join the US Army and stand with his nation. However, back then he had no clue that being a soldier comes with a lot of responsibilities and drawbacks.

My Country

It was in 2001 that Josh left his house to join the military. His parents tried to convince him to rethink about his decision but he was so adamant that he did not listen to his parents and went on to become a part to military training camp. He had always said, “My Country My Pride” and never turned back.

The Difficulties

Josh’s parents though were always proud of their son taking such a major step, still somewhere were scared of the difficulties an army man had to face. They have to leave behind their homes and stand at borders in all climatic conditions. Not only this, they had to fight a war, which itself is too much.

The Unknown

However, Marino had no clue that his parents’ worst fears would come true and he would be suffering the harsh. Life won’t be as easy as assumed to be. Rather, Josh’s life will turn a 180 after being a part of the army. And when the world would come shattering to him, he would find the unbelievable amidst the bushes.