Stories of haunted houses are fascinating as long is it is not one of us who has had the experience of living in one or living across one. Many times when there is a complaint about a house being haunted, the stories fall flat. The scary noises in the night or the fluctuating light often turn out to be mice or bad wiring but sometimes a house, a palace or a cabin often turn out to be haunted.
This is the story of one such place.

The Forbidden Place

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Growing across a haunted house can be as traumatic as living in one, especially for a child. Children are impressionable and get easily scared. That is one reason why most children do not like sleeping alone in the dark. It is normal for the children to be scared of unknown shadows but in some cases, those shadows behave abnormally.

Just Like Horror Films

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This person who is a grown up now lived not so far away from this cabin in the woods, the most bizarre cabin. he grew up there and sleeplessly spent every night of his childhood in the fear of being taken away by the beings in the cabin. His childhood is scarred by the noises, the light, the very existence of the cabin. What happened there?

Terrifying Childhood

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The boy was told by his parents to not go to the other side of the woods… EVER. But curiosity always gets the better of the cat or a child. Most children are more intrigued to do what they are specifically told not to do. So the boy, obviously curious as to what was on the other side of the woods, paid a visit… but never again.

It Was Not Normal…

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One day, during the daytime, when the boy’s mother was taking a nap, he sneaked out to go to the cabin his mother had specifically prohibited him to go to. When he crossed his sides of the woods and got closer to the cabin the air seemed to become colder somehow. He wanted to turn around but his curiosity got the better of him.

What He Saw

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He wanted to boast to his friends that he went to THE cabin all alone when all kids were told specifically not to. Sweating a little now, he went closer to the cabin which seemed inhabited. He thought it was a good sign, he could go in, look around and quickly get back to his place. But suddenly something happened that made him stop in his tracks.

The Door
While the boy, with shivering legs, mustering all the courage in his little body was making his way towards the door, he heard it creak and he stopped dead in his tracks. The door started creaking loudly as if moving in slow motion, it was just like those horror movies he watched with his dad but it was coming alive!