In an exclusive and long-awaited interview, Hollywood icon John Travolta has opened up about his love life, revealing the captivating story of how he met his significant other.

This candid conversation provides a rare glimpse into the romantic journeys of famous celebrities and the extraordinary encounters that led them to their beloved partners. Isn’t it interesting to know the love story of an icon we loved so dearly?

A Love for a Lifetime

John Travolta met Kelly Preston on the set of “The Experts,” back in 1987. Love looked as though it would blossom, but there was a small issue that Kelly was already married. It wasn’t until they re-met in Vancouver in 1990 when both were on separate film projects that their love affair really took flight, and they decided to give things a proper shot.

Kelly sought a divorce from her husband, and once things were finalized, the two were engaged. They planned to get married in New York, but when plans started to get out of control they decided to elope in the most romantic city in the world, Paris, and so in 1991 the two of them hopped on a plane and got hitched. Sounds much like a movie script, right?

Boy In The Plastic Bubble

John Travolta became famous after starring in a 1976 TV movie called “The Boy in the Plastic Bubble.” He played a character named Tom who has a weak immune system and must live inside a protective bubble to avoid getting sick.

Tom wants to experience life outside the bubble and falls in love with his neighbor, Gina. Eventually, he becomes immune enough to leave the bubble and spends time with Gina. Travolta had a good connection with Diana Hyland, who played Tom’s mother in the movie.

Love Before Kelly

They may have seemed an unlikely pairing, but Diana Hyland and John Travolta were a pairing of true love. They were a huge eighteen years apart, but as they say, love can conquer all. They met on the set of the film, “The boy in the plastic bubble,” and played mother and son which made this an unlikely pairing.

Their love was not to last, as Hyland became sick with breast cancer and sadly died at the age of 41, in Travolta’s arms. The “Boy in the Plastic Bubble” was critically acclaimed, and as a result, Hyland was awarded an Emmy Award, which Travolta accepted in her honor.

Kelly and Clooney

Kelly Preston also had a colorful romantic history before her meeting Travolta. When they met once again in Vancouver, Kelly was at the time married to Kevin Gage. The couple had enjoyed a huge and lavish wedding in Hawaii but their marriage only two years when things started to fall apart.

Between 1987 and 1989, Kelly Preston was romantically connected to the actor George Clooney. People knew they were in a serious relationship when Clooney gave Preston a pet pig named Max as a gift. Even after they broke up, Preston kept the pet pig.

They Married Twice

When John Travolta and Kelly Preston decided to tie the knot, things were not plain sailing from the start, by any means. They decided the wedding preparations were getting out of hand, so they hopped on a plane and had a small ceremony in Paris in 1991.

A Scientology minister led their wedding ceremony, but when they got back home, they discovered that their marriage wasn’t official. They then organized another ceremony at Daytona Beach in Florida to make their marriage legally valid. It was quite a complex situation!