The Lost One

Matt and Grace threw their laptop bags right there and started yelling Benny, Benny! They were scared of not getting any response. After searching the entire house when they couldn’t locate Benny, they called the dog walker and asked about the whereabouts of their eldest child. Surely, the couple wasn’t prepared for the dog walkers words.

Array Of Emotions

Dog walker’s word frightened the duo to the core. They couldn’t believe their ears. The dog walker left the poor dog alone in the woods. All sort of thoughts occupied the duo’s mind. Where was Benny? Was he alright? Did he meet with an accident? Or a wild beast attacked him? Did they lose their dear child? Grace couldn’t bear the pain and was in tears. Will the family be able to reunite with their missing dog or will they be left to themselves?

Searching The Park

Matt and Grace immediately drove to the park where Benny was last seen. They searched every corner of the park. The broken parents looked under every bench, went pass all the swings and even peeped into hollow tree trunks to get even a single clue about their pup. But unfortunately, there were no traces of Benny. However, Matt came with an idea that might help in finding Benny.

Sleeping In Car

Matt thought that on smelling his scent Benny might be able to locate the way out of woods in case he might have lost that. Matt parked his car in the parking lot and slept there. He kept the door’s of his car open hoping that Benny would jump into the car sometime at night. Matt slept for an infinite number of days in the parking lot but unfortunately, Benny never hopped in.

Still A Hope

Grace and Matt were not ready to give up hope. They just prayed that wherever their beloved four-legged friend is, is doing good and is not in trouble. Though they had searched the woods, have waited in the parking lot, they were still persistent that Benny would return home, yet How, was the question.

Alone And Scared

Quite obvious to the nature of parents, Matt and Grace were worried about the well being of their kid Benny. They knew he was a very homely and a lazy dog who would just jump up on your lap and roll over his back for cuddling. How will such a domestic dog cope in the wild forest scared them? They were sure that he must be feeling very lonely and would be frightened of his surroundings.