3. Ulcers

One reason for burning sensation in the stomach area is Ulcer. It develops when acid destroys the stomach tissue. Other symptoms include burping, weight loss, bloating, nausea, etc. The pain is intermittent.

Apart from gastrointestinal problems, there are more factors that give way to chest pain.

Muscle Pain

Yes, the muscle pain too can be a reason for chest pain. Muscle ache can be the result of any injury, tension or chronic pain syndrome. The intensity of muscle pain varies depending on the cause of it. In terms of intensity, it could be dull or sharp. It may be expanding or limited in one spot. You can identify if your chest pain is due to the muscle pain if it gets subsided with the massage or deteriorates on inhaling or exhaling sharply.         

Panic Attack

Panic attack as the name suggests is about getting filled with sudden and intense nervousness or anxiety. The person struck with panic attack experiences strong pain that is very much like a heart attack. A panic attack can linger on for two minutes or can stretch up to 30 minutes. Those who get those attacks feel as if they are dying. If the pain does not ease it becomes difficult to differentiate between the two. 

Respiratory Infection

Respiratory infection can be a cause too. The respiratory infection in humans is usually followed by pleurisy- burning of pleura that covers the outer of the lungs. The pain can be accompanied by constant coughing. One who has this disease should seek advice from doctors. 


One of the key symptoms of Angina includes pain in the chest. It occurs when the heart fails to gather enough blood to perform. One with this disease feels either squeezing, tension or pressure in the chest. In severe cases, pain can reach up to the jaw. The negligence of this disease can prove fatal as it is also a symptom of coronary heart disease that happens when arteries get blocked.   

Lung Issues

Complications in lungs are also responsible for the chest pain. If the patient is pneumonia-stricken or has an infection in lungs should consider this factor as a reason for chest pain. Diseases affecting lungs should be addressed immediately.