In the era of seeking comfort, who would like to work hard all day? Putting more emphasis on trivial works like cleaning, no soul would ever want to spend their Sundays on it. Moreover, people tend to shed their money off to hire people for cleaning their houses but are not ready to do it all on their own. Think, what would happen if you hire someone for cleaning and once you get back home, you are left with nothing but regrets? Here is an experience of a lady named Genevieve Snow, who hired two of the cleaners from an agency for cleaning and the service she received was something one would never forget.

Known Name

Genevieve Snow, a young lady of 29 years is a financial consultant. She lives with her three roommates in East-Williamsburg located in New York. She’s a working woman and tries to grab every opportunity that would help her to step on the ladders of success. She is a strong-willed lady and a celebrated figure in the corporate industry.


Genevieve, on being asked about getting married, clearly states that she already was a mom of her two kids whom she loved unconditionally. To her, cats were not just pets but an incredible part of her life. She treated them well and loved to spend most of her time playing with them after coming back from her office.

Lazy Day

On a Sunday afternoon, Genevieve was relaxing and reading a book to kill the time. For her, Sundays are meant to be lazy, hence, she was doing nothing productive. In addition to that, she used to imagine unrealistic scenarios, which again helped her to pass her sluggish time. Amidst her thoughts, she suddenly felt a need to clean her house since it had been days when she last cleared all up.

Mission Started

She started accumulating her cleaning weapons, for she wanted to win this cleaning battle. Setting up everything, she started with the process. She initiated the battle by cleaning up her table, where she found a box containing a slice of pizza. She clearly remembers that last week she had ordered that pizza and after having that, she forgot to dispose of the box.

The Obstacle

Genevieve, in a process of getting rid of the box, faced an obstacle that made her lose her patience. She had no clue that a pile of trash was living along. She analyzed how her procrastination is giving back things. On that note, she gave up on cleaning and searched for another source to kill her indolent time.

Scrolling Down

She then reached out for her phone and started having a glace at the emails she received so far. Though she was not a “text person”, she used to receive a lot of emails as she held a good reputation in her professional life. While scrolling through emails, she caught an eye by an email that had nothing to do with work.