It doesn’t take long for pets to become a member of our family. If you have pets than you might remember the moment you held them in your arms for the first time. Little eyes staring at you asking for your warm love and care. The whole process of our pets growing in front of our eyes where they divulge themselves in some kind of cute little habits makes our life easy to breathe. Many dogs have a habit of sleeping with their human in bed or sofa and many need their personal space. But whatsoever it is, our pets are everything for us.
The story of these two cats will surely melt your heart. Though they might seem like normal cats, believe us, the thing that these cats did is what we humans do.

Incredible Feed Story

Thuy Duong was really excited about the whole thing that was happening to her cats. She loved her two cats so much that she decided to share the news with her friends and did it by posting it on Facebook in February 2017. She wasn’t expecting showers of love but her feed was filled with wishes from her friends. Duong’s family and her friends all were waiting for the good news and it did. But something amazing happened during all of this that made this story worth reading.


Duong’s family hoped that someday they will have pets in their house but it’ll be two sweet little cats they didn’t know. A year ago, the family adopted two cats from the shelter and named them Tam and Yello. Despite not knowing each other, they both bonded really well and in no time became best of friends. It’s very difficult for two cats to get along with each other as the cats have that reputation of being not that social, but this wasn’t the case with Tam and Yello.

More Than Friends

Tam and Yello bonded so well that soon Tam was pregnant. Duong’s heart was melted with the news and she couldn’t wait to hold the newborns in her arms. She took a great care of Tam until she was ready to for the delivery. She was even more surprised to see how Yello’s behavior changed during this period. And then the day came and everything changed between Tam and Yello.

Wait Was Over

Duong was at the wedding and after she was back at home, she realized that Tam was not in her usual place. She found her sitting next to Yello and she found that Tam was ready to give birth. She quickly changed her clothes and started the preparation for the delivery process. She was so excited and was ready to help Tam during the process. But there was someone else who was getting ready between all of this.

We Are Ready!

Duong wasn’t sure what all that is required during the delivery but still, she picked Tam and placed her on something comfortable. She took out the same basket in which she kept Tam and Yello after their adoption. She filled the basket with some cushions so that Tam and her newborns can sleep peacefully. But where is Yello?


For Duong, this was a very special moment, so she decided to capture everything. The series of photos she took had some great clicks in it, like the first time mama Tam saw all four of her kittens, and how peaceful she looked after everything was finished. Tam was excited but she was in dire need of rest. But Duong kept searching for Yello who was somehow invisible in all of this.