There is no denying that some angels prefer to have fur and tail instead of wings. If you haven’t loved an animal enough, you must do so now as then only you will realize that a part of your soul was unawakened till now. When the organization named Humane Society which sheltered pets received a new intruder, they did not know how would other animals react to the new member. And amongst all the members, a cat’s reaction when a member intervened with her and her kittens caught all the attention. But Why?

Mamma Cat

Mother cats just like human mothers are very protective when it comes to her kittens. Cats are often termed as ferocious and when one intrudes with her family they can be the worst ones to mess around with. Something strange happened when someone dissimilar meddles with Gwen-the mamma cat and her kittens’ life.

Very Strange

The way Gwen behaved in the presence of the new member was not at all expected of a cat. It came as a very peculiar act to the staff members of the Humane Society. They had never thought that the kitty would end up doing something like what she did. What was so unusual about the cat and who was this intruder.

The Society

This incident is from the Michigan Humane Society, USA. This society shelter nearly 11,000 animals on a yearly basis. And there is no restriction on the period of time, an animal shelter here. They have so many pets to look after and they have mastered it by now. So when Gwen’s behavior seemed a little different it caught their attention.

New Mom

Gwen-the cat recently gave birth to a litter of kittens. The new mom’s motherly instinct took over her. She would often play and have fun with the people at the Humane Society, but with the birth of her kittens, she was a devoted mother whose first priority was her children.

Feed Them

Just like a perfect mother, Gwen would first feed her kittens and would snuggle around them just to make them warm. For the initial few weeks, the cat did not let anyone step closer to her and her babies. So when this new intruder came to the society none knew that the cat which was this protective would go out of her way and do something like that.

Raising Curiosity

Who was this new intruder that came in way of this cat’s behavior? While post pregnancy the cat was a little sensitive this new identity interfered into the lives of the new mom and her newborns. This new trespasser was someone one had never imagined to be near a cat.