We all look for that one unforgettable adventure in our life that would make us forget everything about our day to day routine and for a change, we won’t be doing the same things we do every day like a robot. Movies like Harry Potter or TV shows like Game of Thrones make us so addictive that we just forget everything else. We wait for these shows to get started and wake up early in the morning to watch them. And surprisingly, these movies and TV shows are all fiction but still, they have managed to make this huge impact on our lives. But why is that? It’s our habit of looking for new excitement. And just like us, there are many people who look for adventures in nature and that is what exactly happened. A photographer knew about this famous spot in Hays County, Texas but what he didn’t know that there was something else hidden in that spot which he accidentally noticed while he was taking the pictures. So, what did he find? You’ll find out soon…

A Hot Summer

We all know how hot Texas is during summers and what’s best to beat the heat while you are in Texas? So, if you are new in Texas and if you ask any local about a place where you can cool off your body, it would be the Hays County. It’s a very famous swimming spot which not only is good for beating the heat but the natural scenery is also something worth dying for. Just imagine yourself swimming in the cold waters and in front of you, there is a beautiful view of nature. Wouldn’t that be something? But there was something else which people didn’t know about but this photographer was able to spot and he brought it out in front of the world and you’ll be surprised to see what an exceptional thing it was.

Jacob’s Well

This beautiful breathtaking place is called Jacob’s Well. Not only the locals but people from other cities also visit this place when heat strikes in the area. That day the temperature was constant 68°F. “The well is a natural karstic spring that is fed by the Trinity Aquifer, which pushes up its water through the well and spills it into nearby Cypress Creek,” said the Mother Nature Network. But there was more about this place…

More About The Place

The swimming spot is 12-foot in diameter and is 30-feet deep which goes all along with the depth of 120 feet. So, now you can imagine what all could be hidden in the depths that nobody was able to locate before. But the question was why did this photographer visit the place that day? What was his purpose? Did he know beforehand about that exceptional thing? So many questions and all were answered after he made the discovery.

Hays County

So, Hays County bought Jacob’s Well Natural Area in 2010 after the approval of the voters and the voter-approved park bonds were used to buy this land. What was their purpose behind all this? The Parks Department had the only motive in mind, to restore and preserve the natural habitat of the area so that the public can enjoy it to the fullest. And they were able to achieve it.

The Achievable

After Hays County purchased Jacob’s Well Natural Area, they made sure that they fulfill the purpose for which it was bought in the first place. Today, Jacob’s Well has become an integral part of the Wimberley through its Cultural and Natural way. Other than a beautiful spot to swim, this place has a vast ecosystem, filled with varieties of birds and several other kinds of wildlife. Not only can you cool yourself here but can also come here with your family for a picnic. In all sense, this place is a combination of both fun and adventure.

What All Knew

People from Texas and other cities are well informed about the place but what they didn’t know was that beneath the depths of this favorite spot lies something of which nobody knew about until, this photographer, Carl Griffin spotted something when he was taking the pictures of the well and its areas. Just like other days, even that day the place was filled with people. Carl could see how happy everybody was but, who could have thought that day he would make a life-changing discovery.