Soldiers make tons of sacrifices to serve their county and keep the rest of us safe. Most of the time, they don’t get the appreciation they deserve for their service.

When a soldier named Janice Walker went to board her flight home, she had an uncomfortable encounter at the airport. She noticed a well-dressed man staring at her while she was waiting to board the flight and then again when she took her seat. Janice had no idea this man would completely change her life.

Meet Janice Walker

21-year-old Janice Walker left everything behind to pursue her lifelong dream of serving in the army. But things weren’t as easy as she thought they would be. The training was demanding and it was filled with early mornings and late evenings. All she wanted was to get some sleep.

Even though it was challenging, Janice wouldn’t trade it for the world. She was right where she wanted to be. After traveling to The Netherlands for her first international training session a few weeks ago, she couldn’t wait to return home to her loved ones.

Demanding Training

From running miles to overcoming obstacles, Janice was always up for a challenge. Even though she was tough, the training was intense and exhausting. So much so that it could make the toughest of individuals exhausted.

While Janice was in tip-top shape, Janice’s body was constantly being pushed to the limits. She was always sunburned, her muscles constantly ached, and just the thought of lifting her gear made her back hurt. She had no idea her next challenge was coming.

Going Home

Just a few hours before her scheduled flight home, Janice finished all of her preparations besides packing her bag. Despite looking forward to being reunited with her friends and family, she wasn’t looking forward to the long flight ahead.

Even though Janice wasn’t a nervous flyer, she didn’t particularly enjoy it, and this flight was longer than the ones she was used to. It was about to be the most memorable flight of her life. She had no idea what she was about to experience.

Long Flight

Between the cramped seats, lack of legroom, and subpar in-flight meals, Janice couldn’t wait for the flight to be over and to be home at last. Even though she had access to all of the amenities, her seat at the back of the plane wasn’t ideal.

Just waiting in line to get there would take forever and waiting to de-board would take even longer. But Janice knew it was what she had to go through to get home and she was willing to do anything to see her loved ones. She had no idea what the flight had in store for her.

The Airport

Just getting to the airport was a nightmare. From grabbing her luggage and calling a cab to checking her bags, everything was taking much longer than Janice anticipated. Since she reached the checked baggage weight limit, she had no choice but to carry her gear as hand luggage.

As she approached the departure gate with her heavy gear over her shoulder, she hoped the rest of her journey would be smoother. And that she would find time to relax and rest on this journey after spending days of hectic schedule, she felt she needed this.