If having a soul means being able to feel loved and loyalty and gratitude then the animals are better off than any other creature on the planet. Not all fathers wear a cape, some also give you the best belly rub and have extra pet food for you.

Having a human father is a blessing to all the animals. Someone to look after them and play with them and someone who looks at them with an eye of humanity is sheer joy to these mute creatures.

We have a diverse variety of flora and fauna. Starting from the small cute creatures to the scary wild animals, the earth has it all. While loving those domestic animals as pets are quite common and easy, it requires a heart of a courageous man to love and adopt the wilder ones.  An old man residing in Germany owns a wolf sanctuary and what is special about this sanctuary and the man is something beyond imagination.

79-Year Old Man

Werner Freund is a 79-year-old man born on 2 March in Germany. He is a researcher by profession. Though he has worked as a gardener before. He has also been associated with predator leaders and with various expeditions. He was married in the year 1972 and since then have been living in Merzig. This man is a true humanitarian in every sense. His love for animals, especially for wolves, has made him what he is today.

Love For Wolves

Werner was fond of wolves. Unlike many of us who would be scared at the sight of a wolf, Werner was attracted to their ferociousness. Their majesticness and the attitude like that of an extremely proud being is what makes him long for this wild animal. He had closely studied the behavior of this breed and their characteristics made him even more prone to admiring these wild creatures. What is that special about these beings?

Beautifully Wild

Wolf belongs to the dog family, rather it would be better to say that dogs belong to the family of wolves. Wolf and dogs are similar in many ways and the most distinctive feature is that wolves are comparatively large. Wolves are extremely intelligent and alert creatures whose upright ears, sharp teeth, pointed muzzles, inquiring eyes, and other facial features further sharpen their this quality. They surely have an impact like that of the proudly wild beast.

This is not all, there is a lot little known about these creatures.

Wolfspark Sanctuary

Wolfspark  Sanctuary is a wolf sanctuary spread over 25 acres in West Germany. It is a home to nearly 29 wolves belonging to six distinct packs originating from Europe, Siberia, Canada, the Arctic, and Mongolia. Werner Freund established this sanctuary in the year 1972 and has raised more than 70 animals there over the last 40 years. He is a fearless man to dare of homing such a wild animal that too in quite a large number.

Bringing Up Like His Own

Similar to how a human mother rears up her children with all her love and care, Werner has brought up these wild wolves. He acquired the wolves as cubs from zoos and since their childhood has stood by them. He is known for nurturing these beasts like animals by his hands and this is one of the prime reasons for wolves to love him instead of their natural instinct to attack humans.  Was this it which made Freund this unique amongst the wolves or there was something more?

Emotional Beings

Not many people are aware of a trait of wolves which makes them even distinct. Wolves are very emotional when it comes to their relationships and family. Once they get a partner they would stay with them forever. Developing an attachment to a particular being is the only thing which makes them loyal to their counterpart. They are so strongly connected to their known wolves that they can go to any extent to be with them and save them. Was Werner one of those human to whom wolves were attached?