Landowners always have a problem with one or the other thing and when it comes to pets, especially cats, which are always thought of to be as cursed, not all of them are fine with it. But here the landlady agreed to have one with one condition that it won’t ruin her furniture only to find out the unexpected.

The Business Trip

Originally from Germany, the protagonist of the story was traveling to the Czech Republic on a business trip. It had been a while since he had left his home, so he considered it as an opportunity to take a break from his monotonous life though doing his job.


A lot was happening in his life lately and nothing was going right. Nevertheless, he loved his job but due to his personal problems he was not able to focus on his job.No matter how much money he earned, he lacked happiness in his life.

Love For Animals

Regardless of what was happening in his life, there was one thing that always had the potential to change his mood, and the thing was none other than cats and dogs. Every evening after work, he used to spend some time with them in the stray houses of the city.

Pets Are A Big No

He always wanted to adopt one pet but his previous landlords never allowed one, so his wish remained unfulfilled. But to have a pet is no kids’ play, they require proper care and attention and as he was going through some rough time, he had dropped the plan to adopt one.

Pet Shop

So while he was heading back from his business trip instead of going to some souvenir shop he decided to go to a pet shop as now he was determined that he will adopt one pet without anticipating that this pet will change his life forever.

Love At First Sight

As he entered the pet shop he had thought it will take him a lifetime to decide which one is to be adopted and as it was almost time to leave the exotic city so he thought he’ll take a quick look and won’t be spending his quality time on it. But what he encountered at the pet shop had his heart at once.