Randy Guijarro is a peace-loving man who is also fond of antiques. The man while going back to his home gets attracted by an antique store. He had been contemplating buying a gift for his wife who too happens to be an antique lover. Though the shop looks above average, crammed with trashes belonging to different eras, he managed to find something. Well, what he finds tears the world in two groups. Find out here what he finds that affects the entire world.

An Unexpected Discovery

Randy Guijarro belongs to Fremont, California. He is a telecommunications technician by profession and an antique collector by passion. The man had a great interest in learning new facts about the history. He has a penchant for collecting antiques since childhood and soon his this hobby was going to reward him with something big. The man was on his way to home from work when he spotted a junk shop. 

Stepping Forward

He had enough time in his hand so he decided to go inside the shop and take a look if there is anything worth buying. Though the store comes in his way to the work, he had never been to this shop before. It had been a long time since he had bought something old for her wife and that is why when he saw the shop he could not resist but explore it.

A Trend

In the world that is becoming expensive day by day, decorating one’s house with antiquated items is emerging as a trend nowadays. Not only are they inexpensive but also gives one’s house a new and unique look. Maybe that is why the popularity of thrift store is increasing manifold. Randy too liked embellishing his house with old items.

Life Journey

The man had a vast collection of sports cards, comic books, coins along with other things. Interestingly, he had been collecting all these items from a very young age. However, none of them had any significant worth. But they all were very close to his heart and soon the long list was going to have a new addition that was literally going to change their life.

Perfect Company

Randy was a lucky chap as his wife, Linda too had an interest in antiques. No doubt their house was crammed with ancient goods. The two are immensely knowledgeable when it comes to history and they channelize it in finding and collecting goods with historical value. They frequent the thrift shops all across the country too as they believe sometimes the quirkiest thing can be found there.   

Best Thing To Do

The two would often set out of their home in search of junk, antique, and thrift shops. Surprisingly, despite being an explorer Randy never turned towards this junk shop. But today all of a sudden he decided to get inside it. Even he could not understand why did he make this decision. No doubt, something amazing was bound to happen.