Today’s generation can live and die for money. Everyone wants a luxurious life and most of them don’t want to put any effort to acquire the same. There is often a time when our morality is tested and especially when we see an unattended chunk of cash on the street or anywhere. Many people won’t be able to resist and will be tempted to take the money and spend on things that they desire or can’t afford otherwise. A similar incident happened with the protagonist of the story when he finds a large amount of unattended cash stuck inside the ATM. How would he deal with the situation?


The world is full of different kinds of people including who feeds and helps the needy whereas the other who even grab the loaf of bread from the poor people without even flinching. Most of the people belong to the latter category and suppose they found a large chunk of unattended cash stuck in the ATM what do you expect them to do?


It was just another day and Bobby had to urgently take out a certain amount of money from the nearby ATM. It was on this obscure visit that he ends up getting the surprise of his life, which surely he wouldn’t be expecting on a Monday morning. So how did this middle-aged man end up getting such an amount of money and what did he do with it?


It was a Monday morning, so he was expecting a large queue in front of the ATM. But he had to take out money for his personal use urgently. He drove aimlessly for a while, expecting to find an empty ATM but he knew that he wouldn’t be able to find one on a busy morning. So he gave up and stood in the long queue of the ATM in his neighborhood after parking his car aside. How long would he have to wait before his turn comes up?

Standing In A Row

He was having several thoughts in his mind as the queue was so long. He got tired of waiting because the queue was moving with the speed of a snail and he was getting frustrated. He thought it would take him a whole day to make it to his turn. Still, he waited for a while hoping that his number would come soon, which was, of course, was near to impossible. Would he be able to take out the money?


Taking out the money was the last thing Bobby was interested in. He was constantly thinking about all the things he could have been doing rather than standing in the queue to get some handful of money. So when it had been more than an hour and he could barely see the line proceeding he left the place.


Bobby’s frustration level had exceeded its limit and it was becoming difficult for him to stay there any longer so he took his car and drove to find another ATM in the vicinity. His day had started in such a boring way that he wasn’t expecting any more adventures but fate had some other plans.