People are always fascinated by long lost things especially when they stumble upon it accidentally while doing the most mundane jobs of their lives. A similar incident happened when a renovator John Murray was renovating an age-old house of the 1950s and came across something which changed his perspective forever. What did he find that made him think about his life differently and left a deep impact shattering his misconceptions?

Another Usual day

It was the summer of 2014, John Murray had just finished renovating a house when he received a call from his manager. He had been in this business for a while now and was used to the last-minute calls. But this surely seemed urgent as it was the fourth call of his manager. He frowned at the phone screen as he saw the missed calls. What was so urgent that the manager was constantly calling him?

The Arizona Project

He hurriedly called him back to see what had happened. As he suspected he had been allotted one more project but that was now in Arizona. It was a five hours journey from where he was now and he was so tired to go still he had to because it was the only thing that helped pay his bills. It had been a while now that he had lost interest in his work and had decided to leave it.

The Journey

He had been feeling quite distant and found his work quite monotonous. He half-heartedly boarded on the train to Arizona and thought of other jobs that he could take after leaving this job. He rested his head against the windowpane and thought of the time when he and his wife were together and everything was perfect.

HighSchool Sweethearts

It was almost a year since he and his wife had separated. They were high school sweethearts and got married as soon as the school had ended. Though everyone warned them not to take such important decisions in a hurry, they didn’t listen to anyone because they were in love. She was the one who made him wake up every day to a new start and he wanted to start his day looking at her face only.


Straight out of high school they were just kids when John started working. It wasn’t easy for them in this world to survive but they had to so to save their love and marriage. Soon they started having arguments and even they were not aware when these arguments went on to become big fights. And shortly after that, they had stopped talking to each other despite being under the same roof.

Harsh Decisions

It was not long before they decided to part their ways when their relationship became a victim of misunderstanding. And still, when it had been one year he couldn’t get over with what had happened so he thought of leaving the place and starting afresh might help him to get the closure over the things. With this thought in mind, he set off for the journey without having a clue what awaited him.