The Meeting

He reached the destined place in Arizona, where the manager was already waiting for him. The manager then told him about the place that they had to renovate and advised him to start working on it as soon as possible. The owner of the house had just bought the place and for the owner, it was not less than a steal deal so he wanted to renovate the house immediately and start living in it.


He thought of telling his manager that he would be leaving the job the moment he had come but something inside him stopped him from saying a word. He quietly listened to the instructions and made a mind map about how would he proceed with his work. And as soon as his manager finished telling him, he joined his other fellows in the work. So, would it be his last project or would he continue?


As he entered the house, he felt a sense of nostalgia. He and his wife had once planned to buy a ranch when they would have enough money to give their kids the environment in which they could grow carefree and away from the hustle-bustle of the town. Every thought seemed to be coming back to him but somehow he managed to control his emotions and started to work.

A Beautiful House

It was indeed a very beautiful house as if every brick was individually chosen and put together by the owners themselves. He entered the bedroom he had to renovate while trying not to stumble upon as he was in awe of the story that the aura of the room was telling. He sighed heavily and wondered if that was his house.

Several Questions

He was inquisitive about the house and came to know that this was made in 1950 when a couple moved in with their kids and resided in it for a very long time. But then the owner left the house and possibly the city too. John had a lot of questions going into his mind but the big one was why did the family suddenly leave?

Renovation Starts

But keeping aside all the questions he thought of starting the work and finishing it in no time so as to leave for his own ventures because he had a long way to go. He just set out to work and while he was knocking down the wall in the bedroom, an envelope flew from the back of the picture that was hanging on the wall.