It was his daily routine to take the dogs out for a walk and that day too he was with his two special clients Gouda and Lily, who totally adored him and loved to go on a walk with him rather than their own owner. That morning when Eric was about to exit after walking around the park, they refused to go out. So he decided to explore the other side of the park and was completely unaware of what he was going to encounter.

Long Walk

Prospect Park is not just a beautiful place but it is peaceful too, it was his favorite place to write. So that day, Eric decided to see the other side of the park with the pooches. The waterfall was the calmest place inside the whole park but he wasn’t expecting to see something that would probably distraught his peace. What did he see?


“When I was walking up to the waterfall, across the bridge, I saw this really big, chubby pit bull tied to the tree.” Was the dog all by herself? The dog had wide eyes and was expectantly looking at everyone who was passing by. Was she lost? He saw that the pooch was tied to a tree, so he thought he might be overthinking. But then where was her owner?


Eric was looking around and was expecting to find the owner. He waited for a while but it seemed like the owner was nowhere near to the pooch. Eric was confused and didn’t know what to do. He was concerned about the dog’s safety because he knew that pooch wasn’t safe all alone in the park. So he said: “I looked around and I called out to her, ‘Hey, where’s your owner?’”What would he do now?


The pooch just looked at him expectantly with his wide eyes but Eric was completely clueless. Gouda and Lily were now becoming restless and were dragging him with them but how could he just leave the pooch there and go away? He had to do something but what?


“Prospect Park isn’t a good spot for a dog to be alone,” explained Maus in the interview. Again he looked around if the dog’s owner had come but he could see no one coming near the dog. He knew something was wrong. He had to find a way to help the pooch but first, he needed to figure out certain things before he could help her. So he went near the pooch.