He was going near the pit bull but was also aware of the temperament of these dogs. They were known to be quite aggressive so he was a little scared because he had two more dogs with him. He didn’t want to put their lives in danger but at the same point, he wanted to help the pooch too. So he started to take steps in the direction of the pooch. Would the pooch be able to understand his motives or become aggressive seeing a stranger coming towards her?


Unlike the Pitbulls, he had seen before this one didn’t move an inch when Eric stepped towards her. Rather she was calm and expecting someone to come near her. Eric was becoming more confident now and came really close to her. He bent down on his knees facing towards her. It seemed to him that her eyes were filled with pain. He tried to comfort her and caressed on her head and then he saw something on the tree that made him anxious. What could he have seen that made him anxious?

A Clue

The tree had a note hanging on the bark of the tree, few of its lines were written in sharpie. From the note, Eric came to know that the pooch’s name was Mamas. It said that the dog was friendly which he somewhat knew when he came closer to the pooch. Now it was clear to him that the pooch had been abandoned and he wondering how could someone abandon the pooch like Mamas?


He was sure there that there might be some big reason behind it, he could guess that the owner might have left with no option that he had to take this step. Still, a lot of questions were running inside his mind. He was thinking of all the reasons why anyone would abandon a sweet dog like her and then he thought of reading the note. What did the note say?

A Note

The note wrote: “Take me home. I’m a great dog. I’m 7 years old. Don’t let my size scare you. I’m sweet.” At the top of the note, the pooch’s name was written and that how he knew that his name was “Mamas”. It seemed like whatever that was written in the note was true, the dog was indeed really sweet and unlike any other Pitbulls. She was friendly and calm and anyone could have picked her but what would Eric do now?


“The pit bull was being so sweet and so gentle,” said Maus in an interview. “She was just laying there, tongue out, so cute.” He knew that he had to save this abandoned pooch. But what would he do, he was alone with 2 more pooches. There was no one else he could ask help from. Suddenly an idea clicked inside his mind and he took out his phone. What was he going to do?