Mount Everest is one of the highest points in the world. Climbers from all around the world try their best to reach the highest point of this mountain and there are many who have made that possible. As they say, good things don’t come that easily, this story would surely prove this saying. One man who was determined to climb all the way up to the Mount Everest was taken aback when his life took a very sharp turn and everything changed for him. Who could have thought that this guy would see such an unimaginable thing in his life that would divert his future journey to some other direction? What exactly happened that day? What changed? You’ll find out soon…

The Dangerous Beauty Of Everest

Every mountain climber sees himself climbing the highest peak in the world the Mount Everest one day. Every other professional climber who was once an amateur did have this one mountain peak on the bucket list. Unfortunately, this beauty of nature is also a beast that has taken the lives of hundreds of climbers over the years. Your one wrong move can cost you your life and this man here did the same mistake, but then something happened and he was saved in the most uncertain way.

Willing To Take Risks

Lincoln Hall was a natural-born climber. When he was 15-years-old, he found his passion, rock climbing worth spending a life. According to Lincoln, this passion of his opened up several new gates to a different world that not only asks for an extreme amount of focus but also well-defined judgment and a strong will to fight against the odds. Lincoln was ready for all of this and he understood all of this when he was just 15-years-old.

Pursuing His Passion

He was studying zoology at the Australian National University, there are also he didn’t leave his passion behind and continued the venture of his to become a successful rock-climber. In college, he enrolled in a mountaineering club, so he could be friends with the people with the same interest as his. As a club member, he was lucky enough to travel the world, scaling a mountain peaks in New Zealand, the Andes, and Antarctica.

Living The Life

Lincoln was living the best moments of his life in college. Surrounded by the same type of people and traveling the world was something which gave his life a new meaning. He was working hard to understand all the depths of rock-climbing so that one day he could use all this valuable information to climb the highest peak in the world. Climbing Mount Everest was his dream and he almost achieved it when he met the most dreadful fate. What happened that day?

Pushing His Limits

Lincoln was working really hard pushing all the limits to understand the core of mountain climbing. Even after graduating from the college he kept his focus on the mountain-climbing. He was lucky enough to be a part of the first team in Australia who scaled the Mount Everest in 1984. It was this team’s effort that discovered a brand-new path for the climbers who chose forgo oxygen on their pursuit.

Left Behind

Unfortunately for Lincoln, he couldn’t proceed further with the team and stopped before he could reach to the top of the summit with the rest of the team. He stopped some few hundred yards away and saw other members of his team moving forward achieving that one goal of touching the highest peak in the world. According to Lincoln, a climber should always know where to draw the line and for Lincoln, it was clear as crystal. He knew that he simply can’t carry on.