Love, compassion, loyalty- these are some of the words that come to our heads when we think about dogs. Dogs are indeed the most friendly and faithful creatures. They care for their owners in a way nobody else will and are the most cherished part of their lives. Bringing a dog into your home acts as a major source of positivity and happiness.

Keeping the same thought in mind, Anthony decided to adopt a dog to get rid of the loneliness he felt after moving to a new town. Little did he know, the dog he would end up adopting from the shelter will be far from his expectations of a pet.

New Town

It had been six months since Anthony moved into his home in the city. Six months’ period is not that long, except for him, it didn’t feel that way. From the moment he moved here, he felt at home. The people were incredibly hospitable, and no matter what the time of the day was, the city never slept. 


Despite the friendly neighbors and the lively city, Anthony had one struggle; the feeling of loneliness. He was single and living alone had gradually started to take a toll on his mood. He decided he wanted some company. And what other company could he ask for when the local newspapers were flooded with ads about shelters and animals needing a home.

The Shelter

It was a bright Sunday morning. Anthony was on his way to an animal shelter, eager to adopt a pet. He could barely contain his excitement as he spotted the shelter from his car. It was a faded grey colored building with a rustic fence around it. Anthony parked his car and reached the reception. The moment was finally here.

Spotting The Dog

Anthony was browsing the cages for a while now. He knew he wanted a dog but he couldn’t decide which one to get, they were all adorable but something didn’t seem to fit. Anthony was about to turn around when he spotted a cage at the far end of the aisle. As he got closer to the cage, he spotted a dog inside.

Take Me Home

Anthony kneeled in front of the cage and took a look at the dog inside it. He was a black labrador, curled up in a corner. When the dog’s eyes met Anthony’s he approached him slowly and looked up to him with his beautiful but sad eyes. Anthony assumed living at the shelter is the reason behind the sadness in the dog’s eyes. He needed a home, to be loved and cared for. 

Meet Reggie

Anthony came to know that the dog’s name is Reggie. He couldn’t point out what the reason was but he knew that this is the dog he is meant to take home. The shelter was more than happy for Reggie, apparently, a lot of the people were interested in adopting him but for some reason, they thought he is not the right fit for them and backed out at the last moment.