There are so many animals that surround us. As humans, we have understood what species can be potentially threatening to us and what can be approached. Well all know that there are some animals you should never get too close to. However, there comes a time when there is an exception to these cases. Cases that lead you to believe that sometimes, these notions turn out to be false. Here is a man who has found a best friend in an animal we all try to avoid, a crocodile…

The Crocodile

We all know that crocodiles are quite fierce and have a very violent reputation. These reptiles can get quite ferocious when they sense danger or while hunting for food. If there is one thing you need to know about them, then it would have to be the fact that if a crocodile isn’t hungry or threatened, these reptiles do not usually go after someone or become a danger to anyone.

Discovering A Croc

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We must remember that crocodiles are quite strong and will definitely be a threat if you enrage them or pose threat to them in any way. However, there are some people who do not have the fear of these animals in them. One of these people would be Chito Shedden, of Costa Rica. Thus man discovered on the edge of a river bank, a dying crocodile and did something most of us would not even dare to do…

The Stats

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Crocodiles are found in abundance all over the world. They can be found in North and South America, Australia, Africa, and Asia. Among the reptilian predators, the crocodile takes the top spot with a bite strength of 5,000lbs per square inch.  They can reach about 16ft in length, and not only that, crocs can actually reach a weight of over 1,000lbs.

A Different Approach

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So since they are enormous, it really does make sense that most people would want to avoid having any contact with a crocodile. Obviously, who would want to stand in the way of such fearsome beasts? But Shedden had a very different reaction to the croc he found. His reaction was something that truly makes for a story worth noting.

Meet Chito Shedden

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Chito Shedden works as a local fisherman and ended up discovering the crocodile at the river bank. After doing that he decided to name the crocodile Poncho. He met the reptile on the Reventazón River. Chito is not just a fisherman but is actually an amateur naturalist and tour guide form Limon Province, Costa Rica. So he was not at all unfamiliar with the wildlife…

Not Deserting Poncho

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As soon as Chito discovered that Poncho was there on the banks of the river, he realized that the croc was in a critical condition. Poncho was on the verge of death. The fisherman decided not to ignore the predator, but to do something about it. So the fisherman made a decision to take him home and to try and nurse him back to health. Surely this would not have been the approach for most of us…