They say justice served swiftly is termed as Just-Ice, because feeling the warmth of compassion takes much longer than bluntly giving out decisions based on cold logic. But is that always the case?

In the year 1999, Richard Anthony Jones committed the crime of robbing a woman. He was arrested a year later after numerous witnesses testified against him. Ultimately, Jones was sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment. It wasn’t until decades later when his ordeal was about to end, Jones discovered an eerie reality within the walls of the prison that changed the course of his life forever.

Wyandotte County

It was the summer of 1999, a white Prius was parked underneath a clear sky in the Wyandotte County of Kansas. Two friends were sitting inside the car, high on drugs. They were waiting for their third friend to return with a new stash since they were already running out of everything.

Hard Luck

The boy got in the car with a disappointed look. He had failed in his endeavor. But he didn’t let his friends sulk about it because there was still one more option left for them. He said his college friend knew a man who could hook them up with some excellent stuff.

Ready To Go

He took out his phone and texted his friend to ask where they could meet the man. His friend told them that the man will be waiting for them in the alley next to an apartment. He sent the address of the apartment to the driver’s phone and they were ready to hit the road.

Man With Dark Hair

As expected, the trio spotted the man standing in the alley. The driver pulled up the car in front of the alley and the man got in the front seat. The boys tried to introduce themselves to this stranger, but he was not interested in pleasantries. He stated it is not necessary to know his name to do business.

Meeting A Friend

The man informed the trio that he didn’t have any stock lying around but he can take them to a “friend” who can help. The already high and desperate boys agreed without hesitation. So the man guided them to a Walmart in Roeland Park, a city in Johnson County.

Reaching Walmart

The man pointed to a spot where they could park their cars and meet this alleged supplier of his. The man held out his hand to the driver “$50”, he stated flatly. The boys interacted with an uncomfortable look, they didn’t have enough money for the deal. The man could sense the tension in the air. He let out a sigh and told them he will help them with the extra cash.