We can’t be sure of anything that goes around us. And what makes us say that, it is the story of this guy who jumped to the conclusion which he thought was right, but little he knew there was something else that was the reason behind everything that was happening to him in his house. For some reason, he kept ignoring the situation but when he had enough he decided to do something about it. He installed CCTV cameras inside his house to catch the real culprit but was left surprised to see the real reason behind everything that has happened inside the house. What could it be? Something normal or paranormal. You decide.

How It All Began?

Joe Cummings and his girlfriend live in a beautiful apartment in Manhattan. They both are really happy with their new place but soon this place started to show it’s real face when strange things started to happen in the house. As expected they didn’t give it much of an attention in the start but when the situation got out of the hands, Joe did something which he felt was right at that moment only to find out that there is something more to it.

What’s Happening?

Joe and his other half were out for dinner to enjoy their special night and returned late in the night. He switched on the light of the living room to settle down after a long night before they both go to bed. Joe was sure that he left the coffee mug in the kitchen before he left that night, but to his surprise, the mug was on the table in front of him which was half filled. He ignored it thinking that it might be her girlfriend who drank the coffee after him while he was getting ready. He didn’t give it much of a thought as he was feeling really tired. He straight away went to bed to sleep. The coffee mug was just a start there was more which was about to come into their lives that shocked them to the core.

Joe And His Life

Joe Cummings is a professional actor based in New York City who is known for his work in Rapto Hunter: Winter Edition (2011), Nightwing: Escalation (2011) and The Eyes of Horus (2013). Joe has been working on some other productions too but this video which we have uploaded at the at the end of the article was before he was a professional actor. This video was watched by over 6 million people on YouTube. But what made him install CCTV cameras inside the house?  What was he looking for?

Where Are All The Stuff?

Joe’s girlfriend was out with her friends and he wasn’t able to locate his stuff which usually could be found when his girlfriends tell him where to look at. But today, even when he knew where his stuff could be, he couldn’t find them? His clothes cupboard was messy and some of the clothes even fell down when he opened it. Last he remembered he didn’t leave his clothes like this, some yes, but not every clothing he owns. Frustrated he left the apartment only to see some more unusual activities. In the end, he had to record to find out the real reason behind the activities he faced. The video is at the end of the article if you really wanna see what was the real reason and believe us you’ll be surprised.

What All’s Missing?

Food Gone Missing

Joe started to see some unusual activities inside the house of which he wasn’t aware of. But who could be behind all these strange activities? He soon found out. He found his clothes inside the cupboard in all messy condition and someday he didn’t even find some of his clothes. Which was strange but even then he didn’t think about it much. Soon, other things started to happen which ended in a very unexpected situation.

Who Switched On The Lights?

Joe was ready to sleep in the night and was prepared to go to bed when he saw that lights of the hall room are on. He was sure that he switched them off but he shrugged off the feeling and went to bed to sleep. He was so tired that he didn’t even try to switch them off. He could sense that something wasn’t right but it was already late and he had no intention in solving the mystery behind who switched on the lights? It was for his own good that he didn’t investigate it further because if he would have then something terrible could have happened to him.