Who’s There?

Joe was taking a bath when he heard some footsteps outside. He thought it must be his girlfriend but she wasn’t responding to him. He kept shouting from the inside, who’s there? But there was no response from the other side. Joe thought his girlfriend is angry or something and so he rushed came outside the bathroom but there was no one. Puzzled with the situation he was in, he was sure that he heard some footsteps but there is no one in the room. Joe thought his girlfriend left as soon as he came out. He called her but there was a network in the house. What’s really happening? He found out soon.

Above Him

Joe was sitting on the couch watching some horror movie on TV with a glass of wine in his hand when he heard some footsteps noise which was coming from the room above. The wine was already playing with his head, he tried his best to stay in senses but couldn’t. He felt like somebody was running in the above room and Joe was scared as hell. He picked up his silver-colored baseball bat and moved towards the stairs to go to the room above him. He switched on his lights, but there as no one. But the condition of his room was not the same anymore. Who was here?

Back To His Senses

After watching his bedroom’s condition like someone was really angry and made sure to hit everything in sight. The bedsheets were on the floor and pillows were torn apart along with the curtains. Joe could feel the wine moving out from his body along with sweat on his body. He gulped his saliva in nervousness and left the room in rush. Who was there? He was alone in the house and after that, it wasn’t possible for him to sleep. He remembered that the same happened to him the other day while he was in the bathroom when he heard some footsteps in the room just outside the attached bathroom. But what happened next changed everything for Joe and everybody who watched the video he had to record to solve the mystery. The video is at the end of the article.

What The Hell?

Things started to get really serious and frightening when Joe had no idea where all of his food went. After the footsteps incident, Joe started to pay attention to the surrounding of his house and found out that his food was vanishing. He restocked his fridge but to his surprise, the food just vanished into thin air. He knew that he just can’t eat this much of food every day and it has to be someone else. But who is doing all of this? He wanted to move out of the house but he wanted to solve the mystery behind everything. He did solve it and recorded to prove his claims. The video is at the end of the article, you’ll be shocked to see the reason behind everything.

Whom To Blame?

Joe was sure that he didn’t eat all that food that had vanished from his refrigerator, but he had no answer for the mystery behind missing food. Every day he brought some food and stacked inside the fridge, the next morning half of it wasn’t there. Things started to heat up and Joe was getting frustrated with everything. He loved his apartment but the place has started to bite him. His mind started to question everything and soon he got the answer he was looking for.

He Started Questioning

He Started Questioning

Joe and his girlfriend were in a healthy relationship and why wouldn’t they be happy, they were living in one of the most desirable cities in the world, the Big Apple. They pretty much had everything, except the food which vanished like anything leaving no clue behind. One night Joe was sleeping when heard same old footsteps noises which were coming from the kitchen. He ran towards the kitchen to catch the thief but shockingly there was no one and the food was too gone from the fridge. He was irritated with the daily routine of vanishing food and did what was needed. He set up some cameras and recorded the culprit and he was completely left astonished when he saw the video. What did he see?