We all know how important it is to help others. When we help people, it is always a mutual benefit because not only do we help solve others’ issues, but also feel a sense of fulfillment ourselves after doing so. And just like humans need help from others, there comes a time when animals need help too. A man wanted this dog to move, but the canine would not budge. He got a little curious and looked into the matter a little deeper to find out something astonishing…

For A Walk

So when the first time came for Martin to take Charlie the dog for a walk, something happened. He just took him to take a stroll around their small estate. But when Martin returned, he came home alone. He was also panting and weeping. “Where’s Charlie?” His mother immediately asked as she brushed the hair off of his sweaty face. “H-he’s outside,” he replied.

Where Was He?

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And then, when his mother was informed about Charlie’s whereabouts, she told him to take her there And so, his mother took Martin’s hand and they stormed down the road to locate Charlie the dog. When they finally spotted him, they saw that he was playing with a neighbor’s Alsation. She was heartbroken. There was no chance of her son being able to play worry free if such a fearsome animal was always there.

Around Others

And since she knew that her son would always be in fear of other animals or dogs, it was going to be troublesome at times. He needed to get over his fear of other dogs. And so, she decided to sign him up for training classes in their local town where Martin would learn how to treat his dog better. More importantly, Martin would be exposed to other canines and their owners too…

Growing Up

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And so, since Martin was exposed to other dogs and people, his anxiety and fear got a little manageable. He slowly started to feel less fearful of being around other dogs. His walks with Charlie alone did not make him as anxious anymore and he stopped running off every time another dog approached to get a friendly smell. However, as an adult, he was still not fully comfortable.

Still Some Fear

And after get went to the training, Martin was able to bear being around other dogs more and more. His fears did not consume him like before. He was not in fear for the safety of his life, but that did not mean that he was okay with random animals around him either. Charlie’s irrational fears were slowly mellowing down. He did some self-reflection and was aware of how ludicrous he was.

On His Way Home

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After spending time with other animals more and more, Martin slowly loosened up a bit. He took some time to work on himself and now, he could see that most animals were harmless. However, he could still sense his heart beating faster each time he crossed paths with a stray. And on his way home to work, Martin found himself in a very confusing situation.