You go on a beach with the plan to enjoy a full day, laying on the warm sand, playing Frisbee, building a sandcastle. But some days are extraordinary and exceptionally different from all the other ordinary days. What if the day you visit the beach turns out to be that kind of a day?

You planned the visit to the beach with the simple intention of having a relaxing day, but then something unique, strange and never-seen-before is discovered by you on the beach. What would your reaction be? And what if that discovery makes a breath-taking revelation to be added in the books of history at the same time poses a threat to humans?

Coast Of North Carolina

North Carolina coast comprises a long stretch of 300 miles of barrier-island beaches. The beaches are unique in their own way and have a variety of specialties near them. But what people were going to discover on the shores would change the history of the world. 

North Topsail Beach

Located in a small town in Oslo County, North Topsail Beach is a hot spot for all the water lovers who like surfing, swimming and sunbathing. But who would have thought that a normal day at the beach could make you witness unique discoveries!

Denny Bland

In 2015, Denny had come to the North Topsail Beach to go surfing. He was taking a walk along the warm sand of the beach when his toe hit something in the sand. And that day, Denny became the first of the many people who came across frightening discoveries on the North Topsail Beach. 


A lot of times, we come across things that we never even knew existed in this world of ours. You can never know about all the things that this world has, a lot of which are even scary to imagine existed among us, in the same place as us. 


We do not have access to every corner of this world, inside the water or outside on the land. And there is a lot that is still hiding from the human eye, a lot that you thought was long gone but is still among us.


When Denny was enjoying his sunbathing and long walk on the shore of the beach, he was not prepared for what he saw. For a very long time, Denny could not understand what had come in his hands, but when he did, he was deeply scarred.