There is an old saying to never judge a book by its cover. However, most of us are guilty of doing the same. We look at a person and can’t help but judge them by their appearance. In fact, not only do people judge each other based on appearances but also treat each other differently based on this judgment. One such incident was witnessed in Manhattan.

A waiter saw a homeless person trying to enter a restaurant across the street to have a meal. Even though the man had money to pay for his food, the owner refused to let him inside. When the homeless man approached the waiter, he responded the same way. He took one look at his tattered clothes and asked him to leave. What followed next was a series of events that taught the waiter a lesson of a lifetime.

Usual Workday

It was a sunny morning in Manhattan. A collection of waiters was standing outside their respective restaurants ready to start their shift. Their day usually comprised of luring customers, offering them their menu and inviting them inside to have a meal. 

Not A Typical Waiter

Usually, a waiter’s job is just limited to waiting tables but in this part of the town, where the competition is tough, the waiters do more than just serving food. Once they are successful in luring the customers inside, that is when they get to the part of waiting tables. 


There are restaurants surrounding restaurants in this part of the town. This means, luring customers comes with the job of serving them food. Everyone makes an effort to stand out and bring in more customers than their competition. So the waiters stand at the entrance and quite literally steal customers for their restaurant.

Getting Started

The waiters were out and about before the first round of customers began to arrive. Left, right and center waiters began their hunt for customers. The first round of customers was usually working professionals. Most of them were in search of a quick breakfast stop, while others were the regulars who stop by every day. 

Shabby Man

It was around noon when a different kind of customer approached the first restaurant in the lane. It was a man dressed in layers of worn-out clothes. There was a visible hole in his shoe and his face was covered in smears. The waiter of that restaurant noticed him trying to read the menu.

Approaching The Man

The waiter addressed the man in the shabby clothes and ask him if he could help him with something. The man told him he wants to eat something here. The waiter told him that won’t be possible and he should go to some other restaurant in the area.