Paying For Meal

The man informed the waiter that he does not want food for free. He has money with which he can pay for the food. But the waiter still didn’t let him in. The man requested the waiter again but sighed when he realized the waiter won’t budge. He decided to move on to the next restaurant and try his luck. 

Tough Luck

The man tried to enter the next restaurant but unfortunately, faced the same luck. None of the waiters let him enter their respective restaurants. At first, the man couldn’t understand what is happening. He had suspicions but he assumed he might be wrong. However, his suspicion was confirmed once he reached the next restaurant on the block.


When the man attempted to enter the restaurant, the waiters refused to let him in. The man told them he has the money to pay so he only wishes to have a meal. The waiters then informed him he can take a seat on the outside of the restaurant and have his meal. The man realized that the concern was not limited seating, the concern was what he was wearing.

Dress Code

The man understood he was refused entry in all these restaurants because of his clothes. He was not dressed according to the “acceptable” dress code of these restaurants. They did not care he could pay for his food, they just didn’t want somebody like him, a homeless person, to sit and have a meal in their restaurants. 


Defeated, the waiters saw the man leave the area. They went on about their day, without letting the event bother them. But how they treated that man, was sure to haunt him for days. It wasn’t his fault he is homeless. Nobody knows what kind of circumstances have resulted in his life going down this lane. 


The waiters went back to being busy with their work without giving this event second thought. It came as no surprise to anybody, not even the people around the area when they saw them turn the man away from their restaurants. It is so easy to judge someone on their appearance, for better or for worse. Things took a drastic turn with what followed once the man had left.