Sometimes, the least noticed things give us big surprises. It was one of the least favorite pieces of art of the family members and that is why it was feeding on dust in a dark room. But when Rue got married and decided to start his own family in a  new house he took the painting along with himself. And that is when he decided to sell it off. His decision turned out to be amazing.

Lost In Time

The man felt a shudder running through his body when he saw it. The heavy brow, stern mouth and piercing gaze was not an ordinary one. It was just the beginning of a roller coaster ride that had just unleashed itself. There was everything political unrest, assassins, revolution, and conspiracies in that one painting he was staring at in utter disbelief. There was a bewildering mystery lying behind this amazing painting that was soon going to come to the fore.   


Rue Ferguson of Texas was not a big fan of art but he knew a hell about the things he adored. And this painting that had sprung back into his life was by no mean eye-pleasing, in fact, it made his heart skip a beat when he saw it. It was making him uncomfortable with every passing second. The man had never felt this way before. The painting was evoking the feeling of both curiosity and fear in him. There it was dangling on the wall reflecting a mystery coming there way. 

A Family Heirloom

There was not much he knew about this painting. He knew that the painting had been in his family for generations. It came into his family in 1940s when his great-grandparents brought it into their home. Interestingly, how did they find the painting is still a mystery as they never discussed it with anyone nor did anyone have any clue as to why did they get it?

Generation To Generation

Rue who had become used to of the presence of this weird vibes giving painting did not mind keeping it when was passed down to him by his father. He stored it in the storage and completely forgot about it. The painting had gotten used to it and was waiting for it to come to light. The day was not very far.   

Stashed Away

The painting returned to picture when Rue got married and relocated to a grander home with his better half. The painting had gone shabby and ugly with the time. There was no space for it in the new magnificent home so he decided to keep it in his office. Even in the office, he hid it behind the door.


It was clear by the expression of the man in the painting that he did not like the treatment meted out to him. Indifferent to that, Rue continued keeping it there till the day when the painting attracted his attention for one more time and this time the man felt strongly drawn by it.