28-year-old Vincent gained worldwide attention when he wrote a post on Reddit. Well, he had never imagined that his post that concerned his small family would get so viral that it will be everywhere, be it newspapers, tv, or radio. You might be wondering what his post was about? Well, it was about World War I, his grandfather who served as a soldier, and a bunch of coins.

The First World War

This incredible incident took place during the First World War. We all know about the First World War and the devastation it brought along but not many people know what triggered it. Well, the war followed after the assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Austro-Hungary’s Archduke in 1914. Germany that was called German Reich at that time had formed an alliance with the Austro-Hungarian Empire against France and Britain that happened to be the superpowers in those times. WWI was the first battle that involved the entire world.  


The war had covered television, newspaper, and radio. The war had taken over all the important issues in the world. Everyone was keeping an eye on war’s events, a neutral country like Belgium too. Belgium which had declared itself to be neutral too became a part of the war.   

A Neutral Country

During conflicts, countries are ought to take sides and if there are countries who are not willing to participate, they can remain neutral. Even though countries are thousands of miles far from the land where the war is going on, they all would have to declare their stand. Belgium called itself a neutral country immediately after the war started.   


However, German was not happy with Belgium’s decision of staying neutral. That is why German gave an ultimatum to Belgium in August 1914 and asked the country to let the German troop move through the country’s territory so that they could reach France that happened to be the biggest enemy of Germany. If you look into the map you will see that Belgium is located between France and Germany. 

Will Stay Neutral

But Belgium remained firm on its decision. They denied any help to German Reich. However, Germany did not give any heed to their denial. In fact, on August 3, 1914, Germans attacked the country. And that is how Belgium got involved in the war.  

German Invasion Of Belgium

This act of German Reich flew into the face of the Treaty of London to which countries had sworn their complices. The place where this treaty was signed was London. The treaty was made on April 19, 1839. Countries who signed the treaty were France, Austria, Prussia, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The mentioned countries accepted the neutral position of Belgium.