If you ask a parent what his or her worst nightmare is, what do you think would be the answer? It would obviously be terrible things, a harm or accident happening to their kids. A parent is constantly filled with the need to keep their child safe and sound. There is nothing more frightening for a loving parent then when they see their kids in trouble. How would you feel if your kid got lost? It gets incredibly difficult when you lose something precious. And for a parent, nothing is as precious as their child. So when Kaydon Leach’s parents found him missing, they rightfully freaked out…

A Parent’s Nightmare

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When you ask a loving mother or a dad what their biggest fear would be, they would certainly tell you that they fear anything bad would happen to their children. We have said that it is definitely a parent’s worst nightmare to find out that their kid is lost. Kaydon Leach’s parents adore their young boy. And judging from his face who wouldn’t? He was a sweet and charismatic young boy.

Where Is Kaydon?
Kaydon Leach Missing

When Kaydon Leach’s parents realized that their six-year-old son could not be found anywhere, they panicked. When he went missing in April 2018, it seemed as though all their worries came true. They were terrified of the mere thought of them never seeing him again. They were so shocked to realize that their missing boy could not be traced at all, that they had been so careless with him.

A Sweet Boy

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Kaydon Leach was a sweet and active young boy, who was cherished by all his family members and friends. He was always adventurous and would love being outdoors. As a young, healthy boy, it was not a big surprise to see that he had been involved in some harmless mischief like any other six years old. He was also a lover of the wild, he adored animals. He had a close bond with his black-and-white terrier pal named Chula.

A Playful BoyKaydon Leach and His Cat

The Leach family were residing in a community called Top of the World. If you haven’t heard of this, it is actually located in Blount County, Tennessee. This is where Kaydon would run around and have the time of his life. His parents allowed him to run wild on the outside as long but always made sure that he never went away too far. He likes playing around so they saw no fault in that.

An Uneventful Evening

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So on the night of Monday, April 23, 2018, a tragic incident took place. When Kaydon’s parents grew a little worried that their little boy had not come back after 6 p.m, they still did not expect anything bad to happen. His mom and dad were pretty sure that he was just having fun and playing in and around the house compound. But as time went on, he still did not return. So that started to alarm them…

In The Cold
Kaydon Leach

The parents initially believed that Kaydon was just nearby their house. They did not expect that their sweet boy would actually wander off far away from home. They waited and waited but they ultimately had to call upon the help of Blount County Sheriff, James Lee Berrong. They could not risk the safety of their dear son. Since it was getting chilly and dark, they knew they had to act fast. He did not even have a coat or sweater on…