Wasting No Time

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Since Kaydon’s parents did not want to waste to spread the word about their missing baby boy, the County Sheriff enlisted help straight away. They were right to have called upon him for help as he knew how to handle emergency situations like this one. Usually, it would take about 24 hours until a missing person alert can be filed. However, this community where Kaydon belongs is small and tight, so there was no issue.

Efficient Sheriff
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Kaydon’s mother and father could not keep still knowing that their darling son was lost out there somewhere. He did not even have a coat to keep himself warm which made his mother especially concerned. The Sheriff did not wish to let them believe that the worst had happened. He wanted to make sure his parents were not freaking out too much yet. He did all that he could to give the Leachs any type of relief he could find.

The Profile

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation after receiving the missing child case then announced a child endangerment alert that evening by the time it was 7 p.m. Then the reporting Sheriff Office made a detailed description of Kaydon to hopefully get people to notice him. It would be of great help as the locals who had not even met Kaydon might be able to spot him using this information.

The News
Missing Child Alert

Kaydon’s features and characteristics were given nicely his parents to the officers in charge. They told them that he weighed 60 pounds (27 kg),  and was about 4 feet tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. The parents also informed the Sheriff that Kaydon had worn his gray sweatpants, a black T-shirt, and slip-on shoes during the time he went missing. Hopefully this information proved to be helpful…

Big Search

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The Sheriff then started a search and rescue mission taking some assistance from military Blackhawk helicopter that was from a close by McGhee Tyson Airbase. His parents were already worried sick about their young boy so he knew he had to hurry up and be quick. So then the lookout for little Kaydon quickly commenced. Just then Lee Berrong got a phone call coming from Kaydon Leach’s parents.

Involving A Helicopter
Blackhawk Army Helicopter

The helicopter flew over the skies scouring every corner to see if there was a trace of Kaydon anywhere. There was also a search and rescue team that was doing the heavy ground operation. So many people joined in the search for the lost boy, where 100 first responders took over a remote mountainous terrain of 2,000 acres. Since it was already getting dark, will they be able to find the poor boy before night fell?