Genevieve Purinton was only 18 years old when her life took an unexpected turn. The young girl learned that she is pregnant. Not to mention she was too young to figure out what should she do. Then she turns to her boyfriend for help and even he takes a step back. Having no one around she decides to look after her baby on her own. And after nine months she gives birth to her baby daughter. And the real tragedy begins from there. After 70 years of her daughter’s birth, she learns a truth about that daughter which drops her jaw.

Young Life

Genevieve was too young to bear this news. The girl was pregnant with a child. This is usually good news but not for Genevieve who was still in school. The girl could not understand how to deal with it when she learned that she had a life breathing inside her. It seemed like a nightmare and that was just the beginning of it. 

Still Hopeful

However, the only hope for her was the father of her unborn child. She was very much attached to him and thought of him as a good person. She was sure he would stay by her side. Even though the journey was going to be difficult in the beginning, she knew they would handle it together.         

Marrying Him

She was 18 and so legally eligible to marry him. Genevieve broke the news to him in the hope of getting support from him. However, the boy had other news to tell her. The girl felt ground swiping off her feet when she heard what her boyfriend told her. 

A Truth

He told her that he is married. The information broke her completely. She had never imagined in her entire life that she would have to go through such a painful time. That too at such a delicate age. 

Withdrawing From School

As her stomach grew bigger, she realized that she could not keep going to school with her baby bump showing so clearly. She decided to withdraw. From there on she stayed at her home till her delivery. Her pregnancy days did not pass without stress and troubles. 

An Offer

Her boyfriend though stepped back when she opened up to him about her plan of raising the child together, he did make an offer to her. He expressed his desire to raise the child with his wife. Genevieve would not have to look after the kid once the baby comes into the world.