A relationship is a two-way road, demanding mutual love and respect. But more often than not, under the spell of diverse factors, relationships tend to get complicated. One such thing is when children get caught up in a broken marriage. From an ugly divorce, custody battle, to new girlfriends, everything is bound to create chaos. However, this may not apply to every family. One such family belonged to Audrey Loving, who married her high school sweetheart intending to spend her life with him. Except things don’t always work out the way we expect them to.

Girl Meets Boy

Audrey Loving met Corey Henry at the tender age of eighteen. Their story is one of those classic high school romances, Audrey was the shy new girl in school, and Henry was the famous jock that every girl had a crush on. It was love at first sight for both of them. Audrey was never much of a romantic but that evolved after meeting Corey. She could feel this is the start of something beautiful.

Young In Love

Audrey had only read about the things she felt when she was with Corey. It was just little things, how her eyes would always search for his face in a crowd, or how his voice is the only thing she wanted to wake up to. Even though they had just started dating each other, she felt like she had known him for a lifetime. She had never been so sure about anything in her life, but this she was sure of, she was madly in love with this boy.

The Weekend Hike

Audrey and Corey’s love had only grown with time, bringing the two closer than ever. The weekend before spring break, Audrey and Corey decided to go on a hike. Now 20 minutes in, Audrey had started to rue her judgment. She was exhausted already. The mountains lay in the distance kissing the horizon. Audrey was excited to reach the top of the trail to see the view Corey had been talking about all week. He came here often with his buddies from college. 

The Sunset Point

After the relentless struggle of climbing up the trail, Audrey and Corey had finally reached the sunset point at the top. Audrey’s eyes opened wide as she stared off into the distance. It was beautiful. She allowed her eyes to wander along the hills and valleys covered in lush trees. Corey had not been exaggerating, the view was breathtaking.

The Proposal

She turned around to see Corey’s reaction to the view and spotted him on his knees with a ring in his hand. Corey proposed to her as the sky changed its color to rich hues of red, blended with purple and crimson. Audrey was so overwhelmed by this gesture that, for a good minute, nothing came out of her mouth.

She Said YES

Audrey finally managed to form words and screamed a “YES!” as Corey put the ring on her finger. Audrey felt like she might pass out from all this joy. Her brain was already planning the wedding inside her head. She had never known happiness quite like this. Although they both knew they will have to wait until they finish college to organize the wedding.